Bruce Lipton, PhD, endorses EFT

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Author of The Biology of Belief.

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Melinda (Mel) uses EFT for Childhood Sexual Abuse, Alcoholism, Self Worth Issues ... and loses 60 lbs.

Listen in as Melinda (Mel) shares with Gary her EFT journey that brought quality relief from a long list of severe issues.  Note how getting down to specifics (and Specific Events) generated the deepest, longest lasting results.  Note also how Mel became an avid student of Official EFT and created all these results on her own.  While many people self apply EFT and get such quality results, I must caution that some people's mental or physical frailty is such that they should not attempt ANY healing procedure without the guidance and presence of a qualified health professional.



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