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PART IV - Advanced: Tapping Deeper Into Emotional Issues

The Writing on Our Walls in Practice

Approaches and Common Concepts

Understanding emotional issues in theory is quite helpful with EFT, but using that understanding in practice will get you much farther. Here are some approaches and common concepts that I have used regularly in my sessions over the years.

Bouncing Off of Deeper Issues

One of my most helpful mindsets in delivering EFT is that we are never done. Sure, we may rapidly eradicate a phobia and a Specific Event or so, and that may seem like we are finished.  But, in reality, the Writing on our Walls is endless and there are almost always deeper issues involved.  Accordingly higher quality work begs to be performed.

I have worked with many war veterans, for example, who suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and often find that the intensity of their war memories is related to their childhood issues.  Interestingly, I can interview two war veterans who witnessed the same atrocity and find the intensity of their responses to be widely different.  One may be mildly uncomfortable about discussing it while the other sweats and has nightmares on the mere thought of it. The difference usually points to deeper childhood issues.  It's as if their current responses to the war atrocity are exaggerated because they are bouncing off of previous traumas or beliefs.

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