The Writing on Our Walls in Practice

Approaches and Common Concepts

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Bouncing Off of Deeper Issues viagra sublingual shooter

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Every Emotional State is an Inside Job
It's Not What Happens to You, It's Your Response That Counts

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To illustrate, the video below shows this idea in action. but levitra oral jelly "IT'S AN INSIDE JOB" - WATCH VIDEO 

Is It Logical?

Clients frequently bring up beliefs.  These, of course, are reflections from the Writings on their Walls and influence mightily how they see the world.  Some of these beliefs are useful while others are illogical and move clients in unhealthy directions.  These can thwart your sessions and put a cork in your clients' freedom bottle.

A female rape victim, for example, may state a belief that "all men are beasts."  While this may be how she sees things, the belief is quite broad in nature and, logically, is false.  While a small percentage of men may be rapists or "beasts," the vast majority are not and thus holding this belief colors her entire social and romantic life.  It erodes her ability to trust and burdens her with unnecessary fear and anger.

Handling this is often simple.  We need to distinguish for the client whether this belief is logically true or just an emotional response.  To get there I typically just ask a question like, "Is that logical?"  I may need to expand on this by adding something like, "Are ALL men really beasts, or is that just your emotional response?  With great regularity, the client will immediately see the fallacy in her belief and this "Aha" moment then allows you to turn the corner in your session.

Sometimes it is helpful to add some cement to this "Aha" by using some global EFT rounds such as, "Even though I may have erroneously thought that ALL men are beasts...."  While I have done this on occasion, it is usually unnecessary.

The video below illustrates this "Is it Logical" concept in actual sessions.


fluconazole pharmacutical "IS IT LOGICAL?" - WATCH VIDEO


 On rare occasions, clients consider their limiting beliefs to be logical.  If so, this is likely a major issue and full sessions may be necessary to achieve proper perspective.  Please be careful in this circumstance that you do not impose your beliefs on top of theirs.

The Many Doors to Our Clients' Issues
(You never know where you will end up)

As you listen to your clients, you will discover the many alternative doors you can enter for bringing relief via EFT.  A client burdened with childhood abuse, for example, can often supply you with a long list of Specific Event doors.  That same client may also suffer from physical discomforts (headaches, back pain, etc.), as well as anger, guilt and fear issues.  These too are useful doors for entry into a session and arise, of course, from the Writing on their Walls. 

So where do you start?  Sometimes I let my intuition guide me but, in most cases, I just go in the first door that seems feasible.  With EFT, that is a very reasonable approach because you can go through a door, spend a few minutes tapping, and know in short order if you are making adequate progress.  If not, you can back out and go in another door.  In this manner you can efficiently work your way towards the most effective approaches.

As you proceed through your EFT sessions, your clients issues will fade and new doors will open for you.  As result, your clients will lead you on a fascinating journey towards destinations that are often unexpected by either of you.  Thus, you never know where you will end up.  However, your ability to go in out of doors will give you a unique flexibility for bringing relief to your clients beyond their imaginations.

The nimbleness involved in going in and out of doors is best displayed in the many full sessions contained in the Art of Delivery videos.  You should also find useful the following 3 video discussions.


Buy Viagra with free shipping in Amarillo THE MANY DOORS TO CLIENTS' ISSUES - WATCH VIDEO


Giving Up the Need to be Right

According to the Writing on our Walls, one person’s truth is not necessarily someone else’s. That means… buy Levitra in Cleveland without prescription …there is no “one real truth.”

EFT Tapping Being Right image

At least not in this world.  This negates the idea that anyone can be “right” or “wrong” about anything, and suggests instead that there are lots of other perspectives to choose from. For deeper reflection, you might ask yourself if your own “truth” has ever really been challenged by another “truth” … consider politics, relationships, parenting, and all the situations in which opinions are passionate.

Start to notice how people protect their own “truths” from being invalidated? What is the self-talk? How can you truly accept an opposing viewpoint without invalidating your own? Have you noticed how one person can assume that another’s intelligence or sanity is compromised simply because they don’t agree? We all do it.

In these situations, the Writing on our Walls would say that each side is “right” from their own viewpoint, and nobody is “right” overall. Further, while we all agree that parents should not abuse their children, no one should rape anyone else, and the world would be better if people stopped lying, cheating and stealing, “being right” about it is not usually the road to peace.

One of the secrets to personal peace is giving up the need to be right, and a solid understanding of the Writing on our Walls is a great way to get there. As an EFT Practitioner, completely adopting this attitude can afford you a higher level of compassion for your client’s experience, and help you see a multitude of new options for progress.  

The trick, of course, is stepping outside the Writing on your own Walls.

Erasing and Replacing the Writing on our Walls

EFt Tapping Erasers image

As long as we have Writing on our Walls that creates a limit in our lives, it is very hard to overcome. Any direct attempt to install new, productive beliefs is met with strong objection in the form of Tail Enders. However, with EFT, we can “erase” that limiting Writing from the Walls and leave an open space so that the client can "replace" it with something more useful.

Do you remember my previous example of the natives and the coke bottle from the move,  "The Gods Must be Crazy?"  Do you remember how they had an "empty space" on the Writing on their Walls regarding this strange coke bottle object?  Once that space is empty, or erased, the natives (and you) can fill in that blank, or replace it in a whole new way. By now, you have probably seen how cognitive shifts can spontaneously take place after a good tapping session. Hopefully, you can now see that a cognitive shift is evidence that the negative writing has been erased and the client has voluntarily replaced it with a new perspective.

From Tail Enders to Testing

When using "Say This…" as a testing method in your sessions, you are checking to see if that Writing is still on their Walls. For example, let’s say one of the aspects you discovered when addressing a Specific Event was that your client felt angry with a spouse. Your "Say This…" test would be something like “I’m angry with her.” If it no longer feels true, the Writing may be gone.

However, you can improve that test by designing it to explore the opposite of anger. Ask your client to say “I forgive her” and you might find new intensity as Tail Enders emerge in objection.



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