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PART IV - Advanced: Tapping Deeper Into Emotional Issues

The Writing on Our Walls - An Important EFT Concept

An Ideal EFT Tapping Metaphor For Why We Behave As We Do

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I have been a student of personal improvement and human behavior since I was a teenager. That journey has exposed me to a wide variety of theories about why people have the challenges they face and what it might take to overcome them.  I have personal experience with all of the theories, and have experimented with my own version of those theories for decades.

Eventually I came up with a metaphor that makes perfect sense to me and I call it the Writing on our Walls. To me, it explains perfectly how the events in our lives create our beliefs about the world, and how those beliefs can either pose limits or open new possibilities.

As I was developing EFT, this metaphor was already second nature to me.  When I work with clients, my understanding of their issues is based on the Writing on their Walls. Every question I ask, every direction I choose to go, every test I perform, and every bit of language I use comes from that perspective, so understanding it will help you get a lot more out of EFT.

The rest of this article has been compiled from my previous writings on the Writing on our Walls concept and includes video discussions for illustration.


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The Palace of Possibilities

We live in a Palace of Possibilities.  It is an ever expanding structure, filled with awesome rooms and annexes that are loaded with achievements and joy. These rooms are open to everyone, although most of us only visit a few of them. It's not that we are barred from any of the rooms. Rather, it's that we choose to dwell only in those rooms within which we are comfortable.

Somehow, we don't "belong" in those other, more expansive rooms. They are for others. They are for richer people and more privileged people and people with more talent than us. We stay within the familiar (our comfort zones) and don't venture beyond the walls (limits) of the rooms we have chosen. Why? Because our cans and can'ts are written on those walls and we obey those dictates as though they were real. They are reflected in our careers, our incomes, our relationships, and even our self image. In fact, there is scarcely any part of our makeup that is not affected by what's written on those walls.

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