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EFT for Serious Diseases


With EFT, we use the same approach for Serious Diseases as we do for any other issue.  Does that surprise you?  Did you think that this article would introduce a whole new method customized for these "impossible" cases?  While you will likely find Serious Diseases challenging, you don't need to learn anything new.  You will, however, need to use your skills at the topmost level to get consistent results in this arena.

Our approach is much different than that of medicine.  We make the assumption that one of the major causes, if not THE major cause of all Serious Diseases is a disruption in the body's energy system and/or unresolved emotional issues.  Clearly, there can be other causes, such as diet and lifestyle, but in my experience the emotional contributors to these ailments are far larger than most people think.  They are almost always at the center of the ailment (my observation and experience).  Some minor physical symptoms e.g. bee stings, burns, etc. often respond to just The Basic Recipe without addressing any underlying Specific Events.  Just balancing the meridians seems to do the job.  But this is not the case for ailments like Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic Brain Injury and an endless list of debilitating illnesses for which medicine has no real cure.

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