Bruce Lipton, PhD, endorses EFT

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Author of The Biology of Belief.

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EFT Certification

Verifying Your Skills

Our Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial is offered as the central resource for Official EFT.

Depending on your goals, you can (1) learn just the basics, (2) learn the whole thing, or (3) stop somewhere in the middle. However, if you choose to use EFT in a professional environment, obtaining Certification is highly recommended. Certification in any method serves as a confirmation of your skills, and reassurance that you have indeed learned the material correctly. It is your professional badge and can have a direct effect on your credibility.

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This Tutorial provides instruction in text and video examples and we believe it is a far better teaching tool than any that has come before. However, it can not answer all your questions, accommodate all learning styles, evaluate your sessions, or verify that you are applying the concepts to the best of their potential.

While do-it-yourself EFT users will be able to learn enough for great results on their own, using EFT professionally requires far greater skill. This can only be obtained by working with other professionals who know what to evaluate and can teach you how to improve.

With a little internet research, you will find plenty of options for EFT Certification that offer varying degrees of professional training. They range from premiere credentials from a well established source to lower cost training for those with limited budgets. Which one you select is up to you, of course, and I offer some thoughts below that may be useful in your decision. In my opinion, society is best served by the highest levels of Certification, but other options may be more appropriate depending on your circumstances.

Mainstream opportunities

EFT is growing worldwide and, as it becomes more mainstream, many BIG doors will open for those with high quality credentials. The major institutions of the world (hospitals, corporations, government, sports organizations, school systems, universities, military, etc.) will be looking for people properly Certified in EFT and this Tutorial will likely be their reference for what constitutes Official EFT.

They will want EFT's stellar results and will offer the best opportunities to those with the highest credentials. They will, of course, look first at those with the highest EFT credentials and training before they consider those with lower credentials.

They won't be interested in fringe Certifications and will want assurance that your Certification reflects Official EFT and not one of the distorted variations. There are two reasons for this:

  • All the published scientific EFT research has been centered on Official EFT (to my knowledge, no such published scientific validation has ever been done on any of the EFT variations). These large Institutions use this published research to influence their decisions. Thus if your Certification involves an EFT variation instead of being straight-down-the-line Official EFT, then don't be surprised if these institutions ignore you or send you to the back of the line.

  • These institutions have successfully used this selection method for decades. It works for them. It is the way they think.

So, to be credible, any Certification in EFT should be firmly based on this Tutorial and nothing else. Ethically, it may be misleading to base it on anything else since this Tutorial is the Official definition of EFT. It has been created by EFT's founder and will be updated with any cutting edge improvements that may appear. It is loaded with tried and true concepts and has been scientifically validated. Further, it has been responsible for the healing of millions and a $25,000 reward is given to anyone who can submit quality improvements that take us to new levels.

Guidelines for Choosing Certification

That being said, here are some guidelines to help you choose your EFT Certification provider:

  • Be certain that the curriculum firmly complies with Official EFT as given in this Tutorial. If it contains any variations or omissions or reflects anyone's specialties, then it is not Official EFT and the credibility of your certification can be called into question by the major Institutions. Providers of such non-EFT certifications should consider dropping the term EFT within their certifications and teachings. Otherwise, their certifications could be considered misleading. Using terms that reflect "Tapping Therapy" or "Meridian Therapy" instead of EFT would be more suitable.

  • Insist on a top quality teacher. Your training is no better than the person presenting the material. You can have a fabulous Official EFT curriculum but that is of questionable value unless the teacher really knows his/her stuff AND knows how to teach it well. Some certifying organizations may have loads of trainers spread all over the world. Common sense will tell you that the more trainers they have, the harder it is to maintain and monitor quality. Finding the best trainer(s) among them may be a challenge but the effort can be well worth the reward. Again, please recall that I have not evaluated or endorsed anyone outside of my own family as an EFT trainer.

  • Investigate the credibility of the certification provider. You are looking for how much "clout" stands behind your credential. Is the provider perceived as the premiere source in the field or is it a fringe source that the major institutions are likely to ignore? There is a wide variety available between these extremes so choose whatever level seems most appropriate to you. Your credibility will be linked to your provider.

  • Assess the price and the time involved. From even a cursory perusal of this Tutorial you can easily see the impossibility of adequately covering all this material in one or two workshops. The sophisticated uses of EFT require study, practice and the hands on mentoring of someone who can guide you toward the mastery needed to truly "own" these magnificent tools. This is a function of both time and money.  The more thorough the instruction, the more time it will take and the more cost will be involved.  I urge you to balance all this with your budget and level of commitment.

Certification Options

There are several EFT certifications available via the internet that you may wish to pursue. I cannot comment on most of them because I have not evaluated their methods or curriculum, so please do an internet search for the various options and use the above guidelines to help you assess these matters for yourself.  Search terms such as "EFT Certification" or "EFT Training" should produce a list for you. These EFT certification programs describe their features in detail on their own websites.

So that your search is complete, the ACEP EFT Certification Program is described below.  It is designed and directed by Tina Craig, my daughter and co-author, for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).  As you will see, this top of the line program is not for everyone. 

ACEP EFT Certification Program

EFT Tapping Tina Craig image
Tina Craig

This is the only EFT Certification I know of where this Tutorial is religiously followed (others may appear, however). Tina's modeling and instruction of my refinements are a primary reason for writing this Tutorial, so it follows that her instruction would be as close to the source as you can get.

This program is geared toward existing professionals in the healing or self improvement fields. It may be harder to qualify for or higher in cost than some of the others, but to me, it represents the standard for quality in this growing industry.

You can recognize Practitioners certified by this program with the following credentials:

  • ACEP EFT Certified Practitioner (ACP-EFT) - This level verifies skills for Parts I-III of this Tutorial on fairly straightforward cases.
  • ACEP EFT Certified Advanced Practitioner (ACAP-EFT) - This level verifies additional skills for Parts IV-V of this Tutorial on more advanced cases.
  • ACEP EFT Certified Master Practitioner (ACMP-EFT) - This level verifies that all the skills in the Tutorial can be effectively applied to the most complex cases available.

Trainers - While the primary focus of this program is to develop outstanding EFT Practitioners, there are some trainers who are evaluated by Tina on a regular basis for their work in the ACEP program and may choose to offer independent workshops. You can recognize them as ACEP EFT Lead Trainers.

For more information on the ACEP Program:

General Information on EFT Certification:


For additional information, email Tina:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With Great Respect, Gary


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