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Alcoholic eliminates desire for alcohol by addressing "state" ness

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This instructive article by an alcoholic discusses his fight with alcohol and his unsuccessful uses for EFT in this regard. However, with persistence he finally landed on an issue that (for him) allowed EFT to completely resolve his desire. He says, "I spent so much time concentrating on the negatives and the side issues of alcohol, I didn't realize it was the "state" ness of desire that was the key all along. I have not had a drink since, nor the desire. I take each day as it comes now but without the fear."

By Colin Larcombe


I thought I would share this experience with you and your readers. I have been an EFT'er for about 2 years now and it has brought some interesting improvements in my life and helped me get over the mental effects of cancer. However despite, the Palace of Possibilities work, I had been unable to improve my life to get rid of unwanted desires. Here's the story of it.

I have been successfully using EFT on my own personal issues ever since I had testicular cancer at the tender age of 35. For all the after effects and unwanted thoughts that are associated with cancer I have been successful in applying the techniques and eliminating the troublesome thoughts that would reoccur.

I have been a meditator and a yoga practitioner for several years and felt it was time that I give up alcohol because it did not integrate well into my lifestyle. I exercise daily at 6 am and trying to get into the lotus position with a hangover is not the easiest thing to do !!

I would say that I am an alcoholic. I drink maybe a glass of wine or beer a day, with a bit more for social drinking at parties and get-togethers. I have never been sick drunk, yet I believed that I couldn't stop drinking. My first drink was at the age of 13 and I mixed white wine and red wine at a party. Yet the person who gave me the alcohol was my father. He is another alcoholic and drinks a bottle of something a day.

On and off now for 2 years I have had several attempts at eliminating alcohol from my life

Firstly I tried with the negatives that alcohol brought me.

"Even though I feel awful after drinking" "Even though this reduces my capacity to be a good husband father etc""Even though its my dads fault"Then I went through every drink"Even though I adore the taste of a cool beer""Even though I adore the taste of a chilled glass of white wine"

None of these worked. I then thought about the fact that I drank for social reasons and the desire to fit in....

"Even though I feel an outcast if I don't drink""Even though I will have no friends if I don't drink"

Every occasion when I was out, I was thinking "Am I able to refuse this drink?" and every time I gave in without the slightest fight. Two or three glasses of champagne later, I started to get sleepy and I knew the cycle had started again. Another glass, and a few hours later the hangover and general awfulness would wash over me.

I had tried on several attempts just to see the negative side of alcohol but the breakthrough came when I thought about getting a beer when I was walking from the office for my train home.

"Even though tapping is absolutely useless for desires" and it strangely enough gave me comfort to believe that maybe tapping wouldn't work on this so I could always "blame tapping failure" if I wanted a drink. Needless to say I didn't drink a beer on that train home.

The final epiphany came some days later, when I was doing something unrelated. I had this vision of what I wanted alcohol to achieve for me, for example being able to sit down with my wife, on the sofa, in front of the fire with a cold glass of white wine and chill out and relax. But it has NEVER EVER happened that way.

"Even though I have never been able to achieve the dream state I desire"

And that was it! The desire evaporated. I keep pinching myself and I keep tapping myself

"Even though I can't believe I will never drink alcohol again"

I spent so much time concentrating on the negatives and the side issues of alcohol, I didn't realize it was the "state" ness of desire that was the key all along.

I have not had a drink since, nor the desire. I take each day as it comes now but without the fear.


Colin Larcombe

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