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Hitting a chocolate craving head on

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Hi Everyone,

Alyson Raworth's client had a major chocolate craving. Notice how she amplifies the "yumminess" and appeal of the chocolate to truly tune her client into the craving.

Hugs, Gary

By Alyson Raworth

Dear Gary,

I have been doing sessions with a male client who desperately wanted to lose weight,but he had a chocolate fixation. He tried and tried but although he seemed to have willpower, he didn't have enough for this chocolate thing.

As the rest of his diet was sensible I concentrated on the chocolate. I put some pieces of Yorkie on the table in front of him. His level of desire was 10+!

I started with the PR spot...Even though my chocolate thing is intense, I love my body"... then onto the one I saw you do on one of your DVDs. "although I really love and want that yummy Yorkie, I love and respect my body". His level went down to 9.

Then I did a big one:

"Even though I can taste the texture of that gorgeous velvety sweetness which is just so yummy that my tongue is swirling round in my mouth in anticipation (he laughed like mad at that) of popping that piece in front of me in my mouth,....I love and respect myself and choose to have the imagination to see myself slim". (I know it's a bit wordy but I say it while the client taps.)

He looked strangely at me and had one of those sighs. He said that he had never been able to imagine himself actually slim!

The wording was then changed to "Even though I am just an old tub of lard, not good for anything, not even good for getting slim...I do love and respect my body and mind". He laughed and laughed at that and said that the chocolate looked different now. I asked him to explain that and he said that it had somehow lost it's appeal!

That was the turning point! I asked him how much he wanted to eat that chocolate now and he said that he didn't want it at all. His level was a complete Zero!! Brilliant!

We are going to work on his self image and build up confidence and self esteem.


Alyson Raworth

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Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist