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Questions and Answers

Why do I stretch or laugh during Optimal EFT?

Hi Gary, Thank you for  Optimal EFT. Here are my questions: 

1. When I am doing a specific event, I often see myself doing (involuntarily) a lot of stretching; something similar to the Yoga movements. I have never done any Yoga before. It is not something I think about but it comes spontaneously. This goes on for some time.

2. Also (sometimes) when I do a specific event two or more times I laugh at myself and the incident seems trivial and funny.

Any explanations for this.?


Different people respond differently to Optimal EFT. I have seen the "yoga stretching" as well as yawning and actually falling asleep. These are all signs of "something happening" with Optimal EFT.​

When a specific event, after Optimal EFT, seems humorous or trivial, that is a clear sign that you are getting resolution on the issue. What once was fearful or caused resentment now seems like nothing. What better result could we ask for?

Hope this helps, Gary


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