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Skeptical Alexander Asks If This Was Beginner's Luck

"Crazy how fast the shift was!"

Note from Gary:

It's easy to be skeptical about OEFT and The Unseen Therapist. Many are. After all, we are asking for some invisible source to resolve issues where even our most sophisticated man-made methods fall short. Alexander is a new member of our OEFT Course and, as you will see in his astonishing revelation below, he is a major skeptic. How would you advise him?

From Alexander:


I'd like to share with you and the OEFT community at large, my experience today. I'm looking for a way to share it with my practice group specifically, but in the meantime, I thought I'd also share it with you.

Here's what I'm about to email to my practice OEFT group:

"Beginner's luck?

Thanks everyone for a great meeting. It was my first, and I'm grateful. To be honest, I had my doubts coming in and my self-talk has been telling me to "quit this stupid thing" since day 1, and just do something a little less 'woo woo'. Anyways, I want to at least note the noticeable difference that I had since the meeting. I'm a very skeptical person, and an engineer at heart (not professionally), because I think if something can't be tested and/or verified, it can just as easily be placebo. And it is! Many people believe themselves to results -- good and bad.

After our meeting, I thought -- "how can anything possibly reveal itself and/or resolve if I don't call in Unseen Therapist and do this right?" (meaning I specifically do a session on each specific event, one by one, like the instructions say). I expected it to look a certain way.

A little context -- before today, I had been staying in my room, sometimes for days, depressed and just holding onto some pretty heavy resentment towards my parents, namely because they don't show me or tell me they love me, and I feel alone, trapped, unsupported and having to fend for myself -- in the moving process and in life (they never really supported me emotionally in life). I haven't spoke to my parents in 2-3 days and I live with them. They walk by my room many times a day and I keep it SHUT! I've kept conversations very brief and try to avoid them as much as possible. It seems like I'm a little kid again but I'm in my 30's. The truth is I don't feel loved, I haven't been told I was loved, and I didn't get that love I needed in life, hence me seeking it out in other places and people. This is all basic psychology to the trained eye. (btw my parents are both psychologists). At least that's my psychoanalysis of it...

Anyways, the result was more mind blowing than the self-analysis that I've become pretty darn good at explaining my actions or lack. The result was this- almost immediately after our practice session on finding a specific event through other people, I opened my door, saw my mom outside watering plants who I hadn't talked to in days. I snuck up on her like a little kid, grabbed her and semi-hugged her! What she said in response was even more amazing -- "what were you doing in your room all-day yesterday?," as though she missed me, or was waiting for me to come out. No resentment or anger on her end like I suspected, and felt (I felt unloved, and I felt a deep resentment). Then she proceeded to show me around her garden. We're planning on going to go shopping to buy some plants later together, and plant some things. Crazy how fast the shift was!

The energy just opened up like that -- like a flood gate -- from resentment, anger, tightness, and feeling alone -- to love, acceptance, approval -- whatever that means. It was pretty crazy, and almost unexplainable, at least by what we deem "modern science." The physical symptoms that have changed -- although I didn't test my before and after, because this was only supposed to be a practice group, and this wasn't a full session with a specific event (in fact, the point of this was just to FIND my specific event) -- were just the immediate loss of anxiety, worry, fear, and resentment, towards HER, specifically.

Again, I don't know how to explain what happened. It just happened. It wasn't an event filled with angels and the high heaven, but I did find resolve -- at least temporarily. I suspect this practice group session was just evidence for me to know that I need to actually keep at this and get more specific, because it CAN work if I try and put in the effort.

The polar opposite of this release was when I told my father something exciting and he just said "I'm talking, let me finish." He said this 15 minutes after the incident with my mother and I. That feeling really, really, hurt. That feeling is anger and resentment towards my father now. The contrast between the release and the feeling I have unresolved just now -- even from 30 minutes ago -- gave me the confidence to know the difference between happiness and hurt, and to keep trying at this, rather than give up. My resentment with my mom temporarily lifted and now it's at my father, who, I've had deep hate and resentment with for years. I have some deep, deep, deep stuff to work through with him.

Also, to top it off, when Sandy mentioned that "resentment towards your mother" was what came up for her, I knew that's the feeling I'm looking for, and there's an event highlighting that somewhere, way back.

She couldn't have been more right, and what happened is evidence of just that.

My challenge is I know what the feelings are, and I know -- with a pretty good certainty -- where they come from. I just don't know the specific event *way back*, because I literally can't remember. In other words, I feel the energy blockages with certain people, and I'm very sensitive to that. I'm conscious of it. I just can't seem to find the specific event to pair with the feeling.

The interesting irony of this recent practice group is I didn't have to. I'm also brand spanking new to this, and haven't even started the advanced lessons yet.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share because I never expected this. I can't explain it, I can't verify it, I can't prove it, and it may only be temporary. Who knows? Maybe it will come back again in just a few minutes. But whatever the case, I experienced it in my body.

Fun stuff. Thanks all. Hopefully, this can give some encouragement for keeping at it.



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