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"Harry's" case and breathing suggestion

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Hi Everyone,

Dr. Eric Robins has a suggesting regarding breathing that may assist "Harry" in finding a starting place with his challenging client [OCD, no affect, numerous physical problems]. You should find his message below of interest.

Along these lines, I introduced breathing as a way to dig into clients' issues in our Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist tapes. Often I find that emotional issues are accompanied by restricted breathing--typically without the client being aware of it. Tapping on "this restricted breathing" can not only free up the breathing but it can also locate or even alleviate related emotional issues.

Another thing "Harry" might do is ask the client if he has any physical discomforts (headache, stomach upset, stiff joints, etc.) and then tap on them. Assuming success, these discomforts will either subside or change location or nature. With this client, I would guess that the discomforts would change location (e.g. front of head to side of head). I call this "chasing the pain" and have found it to be quite effective in alleviating both physical and emotional symptoms. The idea of it is that our physical discomforts are manifestations of emotional disturbances. Take care of the physical and you alleviate the emotional.

Here's Eric's message.

Hugs, Gary

by Eric Robins. MD

Hi Gary,

This is in response to "Harry's" case report about the OCD patient with numerous other medical problems apart from his scratching. This guy was not even in touch with having any negative emotions. In my experience, almost all dissociated patients like this are chest breathers, and they have a multitude of negative emotions stored in or under a frozen diaphragm. I would work with this guy in getting him to breathe with his diaphragm. Some excellent exercises are to be found in a book called "Conscious Breathing" by Gay Hendricks, PhD. This book was highly endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil who described it as "the best book on breathing out there". When you get these patients mobilizing their diaphragms, all sorts of emotions tend to come up, to which SUD's [0-10 scale] levels can be found and tapping can be done.

Gay Hendricks specializes in a form of psychology called Body Centered Therapy. In this modality, the therapist looks for certain body movements or other verbal or nonverbal "flags" in the client, and when these flags are pointed out to the client (and sometimes magnified), they often tend to uncover a tremendous amount of emotions/unconscious material. Tapping can then be applied. An excellent book on these techniques is, "At the Speed of Life", also by Dr. Hendricks.

Hope this is helpful. It certainly is for this full time urologist and part time therapist.


Eric Robins, MD




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist