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Feeling Responsible For Someone Else's Death

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone: Here are two letters you might find helpful. Both center on the trauma involved when someone feels responsible for the death of another. I've read these several times because the circumstances move me. A lifetime of guilt and emotional turmoil for these people was relieved in very brief sessions. I'm sure the events are still not the favorite conversation topics of those involved but a lifetime of unnecessary grief is no longer likely. What a gift. Isn't this a great profession?

Hugs, Gary

LETTER #1: Dear Gary, My successes with EFT have been beyond my expectations.

Last week a client was referred to me who works the 911 emergency line. He recently took a call about a very young girl who had been beaten and sodomized. His equipment malfunctioned and he sent the rescue team to the wrong address. It took them 8 minutes more to get to the right address. She was unconscious and remained so for a week until she died.

The client was so concerned that, even though his equipment was at fault, and even though the Critical Stress Incident Debriefing assured him the delay would have made no difference in the outcome of the little girl, he developed acute stress disorder. Upon investigation there were other factors that were connected: the death of his infant son three years ago and also some significant family-of-origin material. It took two easy sessions, using only EFT to get him back on the right track and back to work.

I appreciate more than you know how much this has meant to me as a therapist. It has given me confidence and assurance. Author name withheld for privacy reasons.

LETTER #2: Dear Gary, I have been using EFT successfully ever since I received your tapes. Recently a social worker at a local hospital called me and asked me if I thought I could help a young woman who had accidentally run over a 14 year old girl and killed her. I told her that I knew that I could. When the young woman arrived, she was in such emotional pain that her husband was practically carrying her into my office. First, I did the NLP Phobia Cure with her. The tears stopped, but her color was still very white. When she told me about the event, she had mentioned that her husband had offered to give her a blessing and she had felt unworthy of it. She also felt unworthy to eat or drink anything, because the girl she hit could not eat or drink anything. I did EFT on her feeling unworthy of a blessing, (It took three rounds.) Her color was starting to return. We then did EFT on her feeling unworthy to eat. After the first round, she had a pain in her jaws. This made me wonder what physical symptoms would have set in without EFT. After two more rounds the pain in her jaws went away. Her color had returned, and she was able to give a tiny smile. Her husband said, "You have given my wife back to me!" She had also been unable to sleep, because every time she shut her eyes, she saw the girl dying. After this session she was able to both eat and sleep. Author name withheld for privacy reasons.


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