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Headaches, substance sensitivities, phone work, dental fears and grief

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Crystal Hawk, an experienced and well known practitioner in Canada, gives us a broad look at some of her uses for EFT--she addresses headaches, substance sensitivities, phone work, dental fears and grief. I augment her message with a few comments.

Hugs, Gary

by Crystal Hawk

Dear Gary:

This year our family had the greatest Sedar ever - It was at my son's home and my daughter-in-law, Randi, did the cooking! A first for us. And great for me as I moved into an apartment after 32 years in my own home just this past Monday.

When I arrived for dinner my oldest granddaughter, Samantha (Sammy), 12, had a fierce headache. Two rounds of EFT finished that off.

Sammy has a sister, Jamie, and a cousin, Axel. They are all about the same age. The kids went upstairs before dessert and with some special software for children (my son is in the movie making business) they made a loving spoof movie about all the mis-pronouncements I've made over the years... One time I said "Logo" instead of "Lego" - and things like that. It ended with a scene of all four of us at a restaurant, having Sammy say "and I deeply and PROFOUNDLY love and accept myself!" .. It was hilarious and I hope they send it to me so I can play it on my own computer...and send it to you...if you want it.

I'm teaching EFT mostly to health care workers and to Therapeutic Touch practitioners. With their "advanced" knowledge and experience of intention, subtle energy, the human energy system and the reality of the bodymind integration, EFT comes very naturally to them and they're using it often and well, both on themselves, with their family members, clients and patients.

I've been a successful Gestalt therapist for over 25 years, and I find it very exciting in my 70's to have connection with a new branch of psychology which is so effective. EFT is making these later years of my life my most professionally exciting.

I'm working very successfully over the phone with people who have no previous knowledge of EFT.

GC COMMENT: Phone work is something I wish more practitioners would embrace. It has many advantages including (1) the client doesn't have to drive to and from the practitioner's office, (2) the client can call right when they are having a problem (anger, depression, fear, panic, etc.) instead of waiting until next Wednesday's appointment, (3) the practitioner has a much wider geographical range within which to do business and (4) the practitioner can do it from home (no office expense) and can wear anything from levi's to pajamas.

CRYSTAL CONTINUES: One client came to me through her Naturopath. She's sensitive to everything and very fearful of the real world where anything chemical can put her into bed for weeks!

Because I had recently painted in my home/office she couldn't come there and we worked together over the phone. In one phone session she went from 10 - 1 for.....

(1) "I'm sure I'll stop breathing in the dentist's chair and die;" and

(2) "Some chemical in the dentist's office will make me very ill."

She successfully was able to go and have her teeth cleaned and we plan to have one more session before she has her first appointment for drilling and filling.

GC COMMENT: This applies, of course, to the fears surrounding a dental visit, something most dentists would find useful. One could use the process just as well for the fears surrounding a sales call, asking someone for a date or public speaking.

CRYSTAL CONTINUES: Recently my brother-in-law died very tragically in a stupid airplane tower "mistake" in Florida. The night before the funeral his youngest said, "I'm afraid that I'll throw up and faint at my father's funeral tomorrow", and two rounds of EFT fixed that! Also, I was able to help four of the grandsons with "deep grief" and that terrible heaviness in their chests...and another grandson with a headache.

GC RESPONSE: An often asked question here is, "Why tap so soon for grief? Shouldn't there be a normal grieving period?" The answer, in my experience, is that the tapping removes the unnecessary grief, the exaggerated part that serves no purpose. It leaves the rest alone. To me, tapping for grief is appropriate at any time. Why have unnecessary pain?

CRYSTAL CONTINUES: EFT is so important for all of us and I do so appreciate the fact that you've made tapes available for us to send to doctors and so on... I have one that I send around.

Because of the way you have sent this out in the world, I still only charge $75 for a full day's Introduction to EFT... Other EFT teachers in Ontario are upset with me, of course, because they are charging much more. I am certainly not wealthy, but as you, I feel that the need is to get this skill out there into the world FAST... where it is needed and helpful.

GC RESPONSE: Everyone is entitled to teach EFT in whatever ethical manner they choose and charge whatever they see fit. There is a very large market out there. It's somewhere between HUGE and GARGANTUAN. Competition has its value, of course, but if it were up to me I would join with all the other EFT'ers in the area and share in the cost of ads and promotion and put on joint presentations. It lowers the costs and is likely to attract a much larger following much faster. There is a lot of leverage in doing that.

CRYSTAL CONTINUES: As the person who brought Therapeutic Touch to Ontario and the co-founder of the Network here I have some community standing, and because I also have a M. Ed. I'm asking the School of Social Work to allow my students to receive Continuing Credit at my workshops.

The Therapeutic Touch Network (Ontario, Canada) already allows TTers to use this EFT workshop for maintaining their Recognized Practitioner Status.

I'm so grateful for all this,

Crystal Hawk


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