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A miscarriage and the recall of core issues.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

An important feature of EFT is the clients' spontaneous recall of important core memories. Sometimes just tapping on presenting issues and simply listening to the client will reveal the foundations beneath deep rooted issues. It's as though protective surface layers are peeled away, thereby exposing the raw onion underneath.

Tam and Mair Llewellyn (from the UK) illustrate this phenomenon with Mair's recent experience with "Viv."

Hugs, Gary

by Tam and Mair Llewellyn-Edwards

This client, "Viv", presented with self-blaming feelings following a miscarriage. She felt that her life had little to offer her. There was just no point to it at all - at least that was her thought until insightful answers came through using EFT.

Viv had been referred to me by anxious employers following her unfortunate miscarriage and, since February, she had drifted into the depths of depression. She . Her employers really loved her, almost like a daughter, and could not bear to see her so distraught and self blaming since losing her first baby. Despite their reassurances, Viv still felt convinced that somehow she must be to blame for what had happened. Only thirteen months ago she had married and both she and her husband had wanted to begin a family right away.

Everything was going so well for them. A lovely house, beautiful wedding and being so much in love, and then the miscarriage happened. Following this trauma, Viv began to have self doubts, daily worries about being at fault, fears about not being able to have a baby and feeling that she somehow must have been responsible for everything going so wrong in their lives.

Within moments of seeing her we started using EFT. Fortunately she had heard about Meridian Therapies so EFT needed little introduction. As she talked about her feelings of hopelessness, I asked her to follow me in rubbing the sore spot. This was like telling her story and going through the EFT procedure at the same time.

Without a break in communication she moved seamlessly through one point to another only stopping for a breath before humming, counting and humming. I realised this was hardly how I had learned EFT but she was certainly focused in on her problem. No SUD's level (0-10 intensity) had been taken but I felt reluctant to break into her stream of thought and communication once she had begun.

Then, during the start of a second round, she appeared to run out of steam and I had a chance to ask her how she was feeling. Right out of the blue Viv said, "My life has changed but his life (her husband's) hasn't changed at all". I asked if she would like to use that as a Set up Statement to focus on and do another round of tapping with that in mind. She firmly agreed with this and said with emphasis "Even though my life has changed beyond all recognition and his life is just the same, I completely respect myself" This time I remembered to ask what her SUDs level was. She said, "Thinking of this makes me feel so angry it must be a 10". On the sore spot together we said " life has changed beyond all recognition...." And begun tapping on her EB SE & UE points saying "angry feelings". Then the rest of the points on the face CB & UA "losing myself"

Following this round Viv calmed to between a SUDs of 2 or 3 and expressed surprise at just how resentful she had become towards her husband. This resentment was formulated into a statement and we concluded our session together. She left in a much happier state of mind and we arranged for a telephone consultation to do some more tapping together (if necessary) within 3/5 days.

Viv rang me on the second day after her visit to say that she and her husband had enjoyed wonderful times talking together and had mutually worked at things which were causing disharmony. They were also able to experience a relaxing togetherness.

Ten days later, Viv came for a follow-up session and discussed how she had used EFT for tapping on many other aspects of her life that had also been out of balance. This included eating chocolates and drinking alcohol to excess. She realised that she had been using both of these substances to subdue her anxiety about her life and marriage as well as to quell her resentful feelings.

Viv also discussed how, during one of the tapping sessions, she had had an image of herself (at age 3) and her mother sitting and crying together on the stairs. When asked, Viv's mother recalled this incident and said it was because she had fallen down those stairs and had lost her baby (a miscarriage). Viv's Dad had apparently been away on business so her mother had felt so sad and alone. Viv and her Mother both tapped away together respecting and accepting this sad memory that had stayed within them both for so long. Their release was magical.

Opening up these channels of communication has enabled Viv to be happier within herself and to really enjoy her life and her marriage and experience a special closeness with her Mother beyond what she thought was possible.

Tam & Mair Llewellyn-Edwards


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