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They said "You'll never make it",
And they thought that they were right,
But I kept on plodding onward,
Because I hoped I might.
And they shook their heads in wonder,
That I lacked the sense to quit,
But I held my chin up higher,
And I didn't mind a bit.

They said "You'll never make it",
As the problems multiplied,
But I had to make the effort,
And to know at least I tried.
So I dug my heels in deeper,
Though sometimes my spirits lagged,
And I shouldered what was lightest,
And the rest I sort of dragged.

And I found to my amazement,
At the ending of the day,
That what they said I couldn't,
I had managed anyway.
It only took three little words,
"Lord Help Me", and I rid,
Myself of doubt, and all they said
I'd never do ... I did.

Grace E. Easley

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