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EFT and "being the bee"

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Hi Everyone,

Angela Treat Lyon gives us a unique look at how to apply EFT in a beautiful and harmonious way for our animal friends -- in this case, a bee. While there is no proof that her EFT effort was what actually did the job, I think Angela's approach is certainly worth a try.

Hugs, Gary

By Angela Treat Lyon

Hi Gary, I thought you might enjoy this story:

The coolest thing happened recently. Here in Hawaii, you get used to various little flying things coming at you once in a while. I was sitting here writing at my desk, and felt a little buzzy thing around my head and absently swatted it away. And again it came back and I swatted it away without giving it much attention. But then it came a third time, and I looked up and saw it was a bee.

Since it was night time when bees are rightly at home in beddy-bye, I had this hit that it wanted to go home but didn't know how to get there. It swerved up to the ceiling light and went around it a couple times, and then came down and hovered right in front of my face, kind of like, "well, are you going to help me out or what?"

I got up and it went back up and started flying around and around the ceiling light again, so I held up my hand for it to land on.

Now, you might think that was kind of nuts to do, but I remembered how Colleen Flanagan, the Animal EFT Expert, had said that animals receive pictures from our minds. So I made up a picture of me *being* the bee, and looking down at this human's hand and landing on it so she would let me outside again, since I couldn't find my own way.

As I pictured this - and let me tell you, picturing a human hand big enough for me to land on was weird! I allowed myself to get really calm, tapping with my other hand on my collarbone to keep away any fears of being stung or possibly hurting the bee, which made me feel even more calm. I tapped for radiating ripples of love out to the bee as well.

Well, it only took about 4 minutes until the bee landed right on the top of my hand and sat there happy as can be(e) as I walked out the door and let it off onto a plant! I did a little happy dance as I went back in, and thought, "cool! Thanks, Colleen!"


Angela Treat Lyon




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist