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Creating a remarkable bridge to our former history

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

These comments by EFT Master Mair Llewellyn of the UK can be highly useful in seeking out core issues and addressing complicated cases.

Hugs, Gary

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2-Followup

By Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master

Part 1 of 2

This article explores my hypnotherapy findings initially in the early eighties and then later more effectively my current experience with EFT.  It seems to be possible for hypnotherapy suggestion as well as the EFT Set up and reminder phrases to create a positive bridge to our historical archives.

Please let me explain – in 1980 when I first started working with physical problems such as hay fever, migraine, asthma and IBS, I noticed that if I took clients back in time whilst they were in a trance state we were able, in many cases, to connect to their already existing healthy memory.  This was the time prior to the onset of their current illness or symptoms.  It appears to be consistently true that our healthy memories remain intact even after an accident, trauma or the onset of illness.

Later, I realised that I could use the same procedure with smokers to help them quit smoking.  Instead of creating a void by taking away cigarettes, we accessed early memories of the way they were before they begun to smoke.  This routine enabled clients to enjoy experiences of belonging and completeness without smoking and the majority reported little or no cravings.

During the last seven years of using EFT I have noticed that these same memory archive mechanisms can be accessed during the tapping procedure.   In this case this is achieved whilst tapping and aiming the set up and reminder phrase toward previous memories and the positive intention to activate early memories once again.

This has intrigued and fascinated me so much, that in the last seven years I have explored these concepts by using EFT in a number of ways.

A client attends for help with loss of function after an accident. Following tapping on connecting to the memory before the event we discovered that it is possible for her to access more mobility via EFT than she had experienced through other traditional methods.  It would appear that connecting to the memory and beliefs prior to the accident helped to bypass tail-enders and to link the client to an increased positive expectancy.

A number of clients have been able to improve their eyesight with tapping suggestions to access clear eyesight memories. These are memories prior to the onset of their eyesight deterioration.  In some cases these recollections have been going back to five and six year olds memories before glasses or contacts needed to be worn.  Then, these crystal clear visual memories are tapped into.

There appears to be little added benefit in accessing earlier memories with clients who have had a stroke.     Perhaps in these circumstances, the memory in the brain has been damaged by the haemorrhage.  However, this is not the case with spinal injuries which appear to benefit from re-connecting to the memory before the injury. It is possible that in these events the memory is intact and can be accessed. However in all examples it is helpful to do the traditional EFT tapping on the trauma, frustration, loss and fear.

Stress symptoms such as hay fever, migraine, IBS and asthma appear to improve faster by this method than by regression to specific upsetting events and tapping to neutralise them individually. 

A further very interesting part of  my work is to provide support in working with infertility.  This is particularly the case in circumstances where a client has undergone a termination, or following a miscarriage.  Bridging a clients historical beliefs about their ability and worthiness in becoming pregnant is very beneficial.  This is consistently the case when, for whatever reason the client has guilt connected with conception. On these occasions, for instance, if they feel that their original birth control method was detrimental (however illogical) to their conceiving,  re-activating earlier memories of positive expectancy of the natural order of things happening can be an enormous help.

These suggestions I am making are so far only my observation of what appears to be happening in my work.  Unfortunately, it has not been possible in my practise to carry out any double blind research.  However, I feel that this method provides a very powerful inroad at times when there is already an excellent programme intact within the archives of our mind which we can tap – quite literally tap into!

This brings up the intriguing possibility that this may be a mechanism explaining how EFT works and why we tap on the negative.  Maybe tapping removes the negative layer to expose the original positive area below.

Gary Craig frequently says “we are on the ground floor of a new Healing High Rise with these stunning new techniques”.  Any trend which can contribute to us moving upwards into the Penthouse will be welcomed.

Mair Llewellyn   EFT Master & EFT Trainer

Part 2 of 2-Follow up

The content of this second article has been adapted to incorporate answers to the thoughts and questions which I received from many of you by phone and email,  thank you.  Most of you who wrote to me resonated with experiences that pointed to the fact that the physical or psychological OK’ness still seems to be in the archives of the mind even after a trauma.

What many of you were wanting help with was in creating a bridge from your experience and belief in practice,  to where your client is right now.  In addition to this you asked for examples of possible set ups and reminder phrases which would aid this process of reconnection.

A number of hypnotherapists who made contact with me were very happy about the idea of reconnecting their clients to an already existing memory in trance but were not quite so sure about how they would do the same process when they were using EFT. This article will consider these important points that you have shared with me.  

The importance of preframing 

When we introduce our clients to EFT we create a bridge from their existing knowledge of therapy or personal empowerment to EFT.  When I introduce the benefits of accessing earlier memories of a behaviour or skill I create a bridge too.  I ask if they have learned a skill such as cycling or skiing, most clients have.  I ask clients if they have ever spent short or longer periods of time when this skill was not in use – most have done that too, especially if they have a forgotten bike hanging up in their garage or they have to travel to another country to find snow.  Then I usually suggest, when appropriate,  that the transformation they are now wanting from our time together is possibly already held in the archives of their mind to literally tap into.

Another useful bridge is the fact that currently unused, stored information such as an early word process programme on our computer will still be there even though it may not have been in regular use for a long time.

In just the same way, our history of physical comfort or emotional well being is there to tap into. 

Positive Movie Title

Clients already familiar with using a movie title to connect to specific negative events will possibly need very little introduction regarding connecting to specific positive events.  These would be experiences, memories, images, sounds and feelings which they are wanting to reactivate again. Asking clients to create a movie of that experience or memory and to think of a suitable title strengthens their pleasant associations.  Then, when a client narrates their movie of physical or psychological

well being it’s an even more powerful reconnection.  Asking how long and how many euphoric crescendos were experienced is even better!  

Throughout the whole of this time, of choosing a movie title and tapping when talking and remembering the positive experience it is very possible that any “yes-buts” and tail-enders have been successfully neutralised.   Frequently I notice this happens even before we get to the stage of weaving in the positive suggestions with a more structured set up or reminder phrase.   Perhaps when we move on to implementing this we are doing even more than we really need too.  Maybe very probably the reconnection is already happening.   Despite this I am all for being thorough I have always liked the idea of using belt and braces.   Gary frequently says undersell and over deliver and I love doing that.

When are we in or out of  a trance?   

Asking a client to think of a movie title for a positive past experience tunes them out from the here and now (their pain or trauma) and links them to the feelings, images, smells and sounds of that wonderful experience.  When we daydream or drive from A to B on a familiar route we tune out yet we drive safely whilst we are thinking of something else.  In a daydream, trance state, it is easier to gather information.  Throughout any one day we drift in and out of this state frequently – at school we were told to pay attention by our teacher when we were day dreaming in a lesson.  Within our minds, it is possible for us to experience our ‘past’, ‘present’, and ‘future’. This ability together with the art of utilizing EFT can provide unlimited possibilities for our lives and the lives of our clients.

Intentionality in doing this for reconnection to our birthright and tapping at the same time with appropriate language patterns facilitates this reactivation process. 

Set up Statements and Reminder Phrases 

As an example I have included one way of tapping to help a client to connect to the way they were before they ever begun to smoke. This focused specific tapping usually happens after their feelings of being totally free have been accessed as described in an earlier paragraph.  These are the feeling they remember before they started smoking.  My client decided on a movie title for that time the movie was called “Complete Freedom”  In all circumstances it is important to use your client’s own movie title.  Each therapy session is an energetic dynamic exchange.  The set up, and reminder phrase  which come to mind in that moment reflect a clients wants and worries.  In this way, it is tailor made for the person doing the process. 

When, and only when, the set up and reminder phase resonates for the client the conscious and unconscious mind connects to and recovers a healthier programme:

First Set Up Round

“Even though I’ve been smoking for forty years, and I think I cannot stop, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I started smoking to be part of the gang I respect my teenage needs at that time - I was doing the best that I could.” 

“Even though I’ve been smoking since I was fourteen and I’m not listening to that teenage logic now because - I’m making healthy choices of ‘Complete Freedom’.”

Now tap the reminder phrases:-

EB Point            “As a teenager I wanted to belong to a group”

SE Point            “It’s different now”

UE Point            “Now, I want healthy choices”

UN Point            “I cannot give up”

Ch Point            “I can”

CB Point            “I really want to somehow”

UA Point            “What if I could do this really easily now”

TOH Point            “What a difference that would make”

Second Set Up Round

“Even though I don’t see how giving up cigarettes can happen –I’ve been a heavy smoker for 40 years now and I just cannot stop I deeply and completely accept and forgive myself anyway.”

“Even though cigarettes bring no genuine benefit to me - old habits are hard to change that’s why I don’t ever learn any new ones J  I choose to recover my ’Complete Freedom’ now.”

“Even though cigarettes have controlled me for 40 years – I choose to make today a really positive milestone and embrace my freedom again.”

Now tap the reminder phrases:-

EB point            “I cannot remember being free of cigarettes”

SE point           “I do remember – my movie title choice is ‘Complete Freedom’ and that’s how being completely free of cigarettes feels”

UE point            “What if I connected to this ‘Complete Freedom’ programme again”

UN Point            “It’s my birthright”

Ch point            “What a difference that would make”

CB point          “Connecting to my health and vitality”

UA point            “Asking,  receiving and easily making the connections”

TOH point       ‘Complete Freedom’ “is the way my lungs are intended to be”

Third Set Up Round

“Even though I don’t know how I can do this, I do have this inner wisdom which I deeply and completely respect.”

“Even though in the past I thought cigarettes were my friend,  I choose to create a more constructive feedback loop to optimum health and ‘Complete Freedom’.”

“Even though it’s hard for me to consciously remember being completely free, my unconscious mind does and is my faithful servant and connects to the way I was meant to be right here and now.”

Now tap the reminder phrases:-

EB point            “Recapturing my birthright”

SE point            “I really want my health instead of cigarettes”

UE point            “Whatever will I do with my hands?”

UN point            “My hands remember being free”

Ch Point            “I ask to be completely free”

CB point            “The way I was intended to be”

UA Point            “Recovering my birthright”

TOH Point       “I’ll be amazed and grateful at how good that feels and that good feeling gets better every day and in every way!”

In further articles I will expand upon the use of reconnecting to the way we were. This will include examples of working with physical as well as psychological problems.

Mair Llewellyn

EFT Master & International EFT Trainer


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