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EFT enhances the "Artist's Way" work

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Hi Everyone,

Betsy Muller combines EFT with the principles put forward in the book entitled "The Artist's Way." She wrote to me, "I just pitched a story to a radio program featuring a discussion on synchronicity and it occurred to me that this might be a good article to share with the EFT community too."

Hugs, Gary

By Betsy Muller, EFTCert-I

Dear Gary,

One of the best resources for anyone who yearns for more synchronicity in life is the bestselling book, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. It is more than a book about creativity. It is an outstanding life-coaching manual.

In 2007 I set up a study group for several of my clients where we began using EFT to remove blocks and limiting beliefs as they relate to creativity and abundance. As the leader of this group, we often used exercises from The Artists Way as inspiration to build the affirmations and healing statements used with our EFT tapping.

I was stunned by the synchronicity and prosperity my group soon encountered. I was part of it too. Doors opened, checks arrived, money mysteriously showed up, job offers came in and romances blossomed. I knew The Artists Way was a great resource, but EFT really made it pop!

I realized what a powerful thing it could be to use deliberate thoughts, verbal affirmation and the healthy movement of energy. Psychological reversals and limiting beliefs really are the stuff that keeps us from the synchronicities that can open the doors to prosperity. I believe removing the resistance allows our energy field to go much further out and thereby casts a wider net for catching our dreams.

I am now leading my 5th group through The Artists Way material, and love teaching this as new miracles continue to surface in my life. Sharing EFT with people who desire more creativity is a joyful process that makes one a true believer in a generous force out there working on our behalf.

Here's an example of EFT statements we used in the group when discussing Chapter One of The Artists Way:


Even though I'm not good enough yet and I don't consider myself the best creator, It's okay, I'm working on it and I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I'm not getting paid for my creativity like I think I should It's okay, I'm hopeful and I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I've taken nasty criticism to heart and it hurt me and shut me down sometimes - it's okay... I choose to let all this go and open myself up to creation. I am a co-creator. Spirit works through and in creation. There are no mistakes. I am part of a miracle.

I call upon my Higher Power to release the Creator within me.
I am successful and prolific as a co-creator
I make a living doing what I love every single day.
I'm creating a life that reflects what's dear to my heart
I have all the money I need. Spirit is supporting me.
I am so rich, I have much to share.
I have arrived at a place where I am secure.
Criticism and judgment does not affect me. I am the judge and I love and accept myself completely.
I am publishing and creating and the world needs what I do.
I forgive myself for feeling scared before. I am brave NOW. I am a brave creator who enjoys the process.

Thanks so much for EFT. It is making an enormous difference in so many lives.


Betsy B. Muller, MBA, C.EHP, EFT Cert-1, CEC




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist