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MD uses EFT for a demented woman

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Dr. Eric Robins finds EFT very helpful for relieving the fears and pains of demented hospital patients.  In this article, he generously gives us the details of one such case.

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By Eric Robins, MD

This case involved an 81 year old demented woman who I came across during evening rounds in the hospital. She was awaiting placement in a long term care facility, and had been screaming and crying for hours since her admission. Nothing the nurses did for her had any calming effect, and her moans could be heard echoing through the entire ward and were very disruptive to all the patients and staff.

I entered the room and she was crying, saying that her stomach hurt, and asking when she would be allowed to "go home." I asked her if she was scared and she said yes. I gently picked up her hand, and tapped the karate chop point, saying, "Even though I'm scared and confused....", then did a round of tapping and she seemed to calm down and become a bit more lucid.

Next, I asked her if her stomach hurt, and she said it did and that she was nauseous, so we tapped on that a few rounds until both symptoms completely resolved. Next, she asked if her mother was around, and I said I didn't know, so we tapped for, "Even though I'm not sure where my mother is, ...."

Lastly, she said she was scared as to whether the nurses would take good care of her overnight, and we tapped on that fear, adding the Choices statement, "I choose to feel relaxed and comfortable and secure the entire rest of the night."

We finished tapping at 5;30pm (total time expended was less than 7 minutes), and I called at 8am the next morning to check on the patient. The nurses told me she didn't scream or moan the entire rest of the night, and that she slept peacefully and woke up calmly. They said she remained pleasant until being transferred out about 10am, and absolutely couldn't believe the miraculous shift that had occurred. No drugs or sedatives had been used on the patient.

I have had this similar type of success with about 2 out of every 3 agitated demented folks in the hospital. One must surrogately say the setup phrase for these patients because, typically, they are unable to do so themselves. These patients can get quite loud and disruptive and it is a welcome relief when the tapping works. Sometimes one is not sure whether or not the patient is having pain, so throwing in a statement aimed at that is oftentimes helpful as well.

Eric B. Robins, MD
co-author, "Your Hands Can Heal You"
contributing author, "The Heart of Healing"
EFT Advisory Board Member




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist