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EFT on the move -- for busy people

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Here is a very useful "how to" article by Suzanne Looms. She shows us many ways to perform EFT when we are otherwise, "too busy to do it!"

By Suzanne Looms

Some clients find it hard to dedicate time in their busy lives to tapping with EFT. In my own life I find it easier to use EFT when I'm out and about. I've started encouraging people to use slack time when they're driving, walking, sitting around waiting for appointments or traveling by train or bus to tap with EFT.

I used EFT on my way to a business network where I was giving a presentation. My energy was low and I dreaded it. I started tapping on the way to my car and while sitting in it before I pulled away. I then tapped at every set of lights and junction. GC COMMENT: Please be sure to exercise caution and observe proper safety while driving Setups used included:

"Even though my energy is low..."

"Even though I dread giving this presentation..."

"Even though I worry about the audience reaction/whether people will be interested..."

and some choices:

"I choose to give a relaxed and fun presentation..."

"I choose to go with the flow..."

"I choose to enjoy this, whatever happens...."

The presentation went well and the audience was enthusiastic.

I've tapped when walking in the city or on the way to local shops. Sometimes I do a mental run through, but tend to go a bit cross-eyed and prefer some physical contact. The walking also gets the energy going, which can compensate for doing EFT on my own without a supporter.

I used EFT in the city one evening when I kept tripping over uneven paving stones and potholes. I tapped a couple of rounds on

"Even though I keep tripping over"...

"Even though I find it hard to keep my balance..."

"Even though I feel clumsy and as if I have 2 left feet..."

I added some choices:

"I choose to walk freely and easily"

"I choose to find my natural balance."

After that I stopped tripping up.

I find EFT on the move useful if I have a problem with an emotional charge, as it stops my mind from going into freefall. On trains I do a whole sequence or just use the karate chop point. I sat in a train carriage full of people and noticed that, if I tapped with my eyes closed, they stopped paying attention to me.

If I'm experiencing a major emotional issue, I'll use EFT all the time I'm out and about, walking, on trains, even sitting in a church waiting for a concert. My experience is that people are much less concerned with what others are doing. We've become so accustomed to people talking to themselves and behaving as if they hear voices through the use of mobile phones and walkman, iPods etc that a little tapping goes unnoticed.

I tap regularly in the steam room and sauna at my local gym. Sometimes it prompts interesting conversations and can be a fun way to spread EFT knowledge more widely. I was using it one day on long-term physical tension in the body and underlying emotional issues. I tend to say the set up and phrases in my head if other people are around. A man, who walked in and watched me doing a round, asked me about it. I gave a general description and said that it was helpful for relaxation. He told me he thought I didn't need it, as I looked so relaxed. "That shows you how powerful it is" said I.

I offered to help someone who had a painful ankle. We did a few rounds of EFT, incorporating some phrases to deal with any discomfort such as "Even though I feel a complete idiot doing this and can't believe I allowed some stranger to suggest this as a remedy." His pain and discomfort reduced from an 8 to a 2. I sensed that he'd had enough and I had to go.

I also do some mental tapping while I swim, both on physical and emotional issues. It's a great way to keep my focus so that I can swim non-stop for a long time. I find that chasing the pain often works less well for me than a more generalised focus on my level of health, well being or immune system. I experiment and find what works best.

Clients often report major conflict in relationships and difficulties in communication. They manage the situation by going for a walk, rather than attacking the partner or family member. Tapping on the walk helps bring the intensity down quickly and prepares them for the next attempt at talking things through.

I recently worked with a client, William, who had been dumped by his wife, who continued to live at home and refused to discuss the split. William gained relief from EFT at the first session. It was important for him to deal with the pain, anger and frustration and talk to his wife without crying. Walking EFT helped him regain control and find clear ways to communicate what he needed, without allowing his wife to block and reactivate his negative feelings.

I suggest that clients use the karate chop point as their default position. They can do a full sequence or the crown points, upper and lower lips and wrist points.

Suzanne Looms


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