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Further bridges to our history

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT Master Mair Llewellyn continues her thoughts on building bridges between ourselves and clients and between the clients and their pasts (core issues). Note that the latter part of this article includes useful ways to create EFT Setup phrases.

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master


In my last article we were looking at creating a bridge for our clients to help with their own personal experience as well as their perceptions of healing and well being.  In addition to this we considered the crucial nature of utilizing the clients own expertise in making exquisite connections to what they are wanting.  An example of working with a client to connect to their freedom from cigarettes was also explored.  After this article was published in Gary’s newsletter, many of you contacted me asking for examples of working with other issues. 

A large proportion of your emails were asking how this approach may be used with pain and physical problems. Many requests were made regarding possible set up statements which could be used to enhance the connection to early experience of confidence and physical well being.  Any set up or reminder phrases which are used need to resonate with the clients own experience as well as relate to their desired objectives.   I often say to my client “I want to know what you are wanting, not my perception of what you are wanting”.

I believe that part of the art of delivery in working with EFT is being totally present with where your client is, right now - this includes what they are wanting from being with you in therapy.  I have found that the technique of using NLP Time Line Therapy facilitates the process of accessing past well being, whilst EFT provides an effective bridge to any shortfall here.  

In addition to this, accessing positive anchors or triggers strengthens the focus towards what clients are wanting.  The amalgamation of these client centred approaches together with aiming the set up to reactivate memories of well being provide a winning combination.  To facilitate this healing we need to get ourselves out of the way.  This applies to when we are working on ourselves as well as when we are working with clients.  The following paragraphs briefly describe these concepts.   

Time Line Therapy 

We exist in the past, present and future.  On a moment to moment basis we are affected by memories positive or negative.  These memories can be from the past, what we are experiencing in the here and now, as well as any possible future consequences of our current actions.   That is why the healing work of EFT can create an awesome reframe when working on our history.  This not only manifests change in the here and now but also brings benefits in the future.

The combination of using the NLP timeline technique together with EFT can be a profoundly effective bridge from past wellbeing to present and future emotional and physical contentment.

NLP anchors

Positive NLP anchors (associations or triggers) provide a way to connect to a previously resourceful state so that that state may be cued at some possible time in the present or future.  The intentionality of cueing creates a bridge to past wellness and is intended to be a transformational state of being.  Re-connecting to the way we were supposed to be, our birthright is our divine heritage.   When working with positive anchors any possible negative contaminations of resourceful states – our “yes-buts” can be neutralised with EFT.

Getting out of the way  

I have frequently found that when I have cleared my own “tail-enders” to the limitless possibilities of true freedom, things happen.  Getting myself and my preconceived ideas out of the way allows divine healing energy to flow freely.  I encourage you to tap on yourselves for your own “tail-enders” before doing this type of work with yourselves as well as with your clients.

Example of using a connection of physical comfort to build on:

The first group of set ups in this article provide ways of connecting to a client’s discomfort and to their current help. Then, examples are given of possible ways to build on this. The aim of these set up phrases is to lay down traces in the brain to associations of well being. 

In this example a client we will call Pam described how EFT was helping her with her discomfort.  The aim of working with this was to enhance the help that she was already receiving from EFT and to magnify it.  In the paragraph below Pam briefly describes what is happening.

                       Pam said “For myself, I am dealing with arthritis, which somehow fortunately is at a low level.  I’m sure I have EFT to thank for that.  It certainly helped to nip the last attack in the bud quickly. I am sure that I have EFT to thank for that” 

The following Set ups were used to link with the help that EFT was already bringing and to expand upon it:           

“Even though I find  that  EFT can nip an attack in the bud, what if I could amplify the benefits even more somehow.  I respect myself profoundly, I am doing the best that I can”

“Even though EFT helped to nip the last attack in the bud, what if I could go back before it ever began somehow, what a difference that would make – I honour my body for giving me these messages and I’m open to the possibility of building a phenomenal bridge to my healthy past somehow”

“Even though I don’t know how, I do know that my unconscious mind remembers comfortable joints, ease of movement because they are all in the archives of my mind – I ask, receive and allow that comfortable experience in again right now. and I’m willing to listen with even more respect to my bodies messages”

Example of using an experience of comfort to magnify and build upon: 

Pam said “I do have to deal with an ache in my hips that comes while sleeping and actually wakes me regularly (that’s about the worst discomfort with it).  The remedy is to roll over onto my back and allow my hips to release, then I can fall back asleep again.  I would love to be able to access my pre-arthritis body!” 

The following Set ups were used to link with this mechanism of rolling over and her desire to access her pre-arthritis body.  Thereby experiencing a physical release and of expanding upon it:

“Even though I would love to be able to access my pre-arthritis body and I’m excited about the possibility but I don’t know how – what if that experience is there right there for me to receive – how amazing that would be.”

“Even though I have learnt physical remedies which serve me well of rolling over onto my back and allowing my hips to release – what if my mind could release whatever it needs to let go naturally enabling me to receive added benefits too.  I know that in asking I receive.  I respectfully ask now - just as I roll over and ask physically – thankfully and with positive expectancy allowing these added benefits to unfold too.”

“I accept myself completely and naturally allow the abundance of added benefits to unfold and I’m open to the possibility of being even more in tune with my mind body and spirit.” 

I recommended that Pam ask for a lay persons description on her next official assessment with her conventional medical consultant. Understanding what happens within her body when it flares up, as well as when it settles down can be helpful.  Gaining another person’s perspective of a physical problem, as well as insight into how her joints would work if they were working well can be key to using EFT on the problem  as well as connecting to relief.

When applying these approaches to your own life or the life of your clients, the following points are valuable.  When working with pain, medical check-ups are essential to rule out any issues which need to be addressed medically. Then, when you are ready to work with EFT tune into how the discomfort feels for you physically and emotionally.  Ask what was happening around the time the problem was manifesting.  Ask what or who the feeling or discomfort reminds you or your client of. 

When the discomfort and emotional drivers have been adequately addressed think of possible choices. Plan and use time line work to connect to freedom of movement and comfort.  Create positive anchors of these remembered experiences.  Throughout all of this work use EFT creatively and persistently.  Aim set up statements and reminder phrases to current experiences of comfort and build on them.  Acknowledge each  incremental step of improvement however small with thanks. When we do this it is like putting in a blueprint or signpost into the brain.  Directing the mind and body with the help of EFT towards more of the same.  Use persistence to neutralise “tail-enders” to understandable rational disbelief.  You cannot loose anything by doing this and you stand to gain abundantly above what you would even ask or think.

Thanks to many of you for your interest, support and inspiration in extending these thoughts.  Further articles will give examples of working with infertility, and hay fever.

Mair Llewellyn

EFT Master and International Trainer


Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT™, by reading my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™. More efficient. More powerful.