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EFT appears favorably in a German TV sitcom

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Hi Everyone,

We all know that EFT seems unusual to newcomers but even that "flaw" will gradually fade. Evidence of that is clear in Maya de Vries' description of EFT's appearance on a German comedy TV show.

Hugs, Gary

By Maya de Vries

Dear Gary,

Just wanted to share with you that EFT appeared as a healing method in a German sitcom recently!

Two women in an airline terminal are tapping for a headache. One is leading the other. They do the correct EFT setup and than tap 4 points with the reminder phrase.

A man comes in and asks what they are doing. The one who showed EFT to the other says: EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques; a recognized healing method, with which you can tap problems away. He looks irritated and then says something which distracts her. She then shouts at him: "O no, you pulled me out of it – just before the gamut point."

Then some funny things happen. The man thinks the suitcase of one of the pilots has a bomb in it and alarms the airport police. After things have been straightened out you see the man tapping in the last scene: "Even though I might land in jail for this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

Ain't that something! The names EFT and Emotional Freedom Techniques were mentioned and the woman looked at the man who asked what they were doing in a way as if she wanted to say: "You mean you don't know this???" And they called EFT a recognized (established) healing method. I was thrilled. By the way, they didn't make fun of EFT although it was a comedy.

Love ya!





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