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Introducing EFT to kids by way of their "magic fingers"

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Hi Everyone,

Here's a creative idea from Deborah Miller of Mexico. It should help us all deliver EFT to children. She says, "I tell them [the kids] that with their “Magic Fingers” they can feel better."

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, PhD


I’ve been doing more and more EFT with kids.  It fascinates me to think of ways to introduce EFT to them.  I’d like to share one way that I find always captures the child’s interest and leads to a fun tapping session.

Introducing EFT to kids can be fun.  Kids have a great sense of curiosity and love things that are magical.  So I ask them if they were aware that they have “Magic Fingers”.  Most of them open their eyes wide and shake their head no.  I ask them if they’d like to learn how to use their “Magic Fingers” they nod their heads yes.

I hold up 2 fingers (index and middle finger) so that they can see which ones are their magic fingers.  I tell them they can use the fingers on their right or left hand and usually hold up my fingers on my right and left hand to show them. I tell them that with their “Magic Fingers” they can feel better.

I show them how to tap on the EFT tapping points and actually tap a round from karate chop, through the sequence and end with top of the head.  Then I tell them to tap along with me.  I start with simple phrases like: I’m a good kid. I’m wonderful. I’m beautiful. I’m a great kid. I’m smart. I’m a good girl/boy.

Starting with these simple phrases that are about self-confidence, self-worth and self-value help the child hear and feel that they are worthy.  Most kids don’t hear words like these enough so I like to use them.  The expression of delight and joy on their faces when they hear it, then tap that they are great kids is proof enough for me that all kids need to be tapping on these positive phrases.

Afterwards, I will ask the child if they have a specific fear or problem and we’ll tap on that until it goes away.

After we tap, I tell them that their “Magic Fingers” are always with them and they can use them whenever they need to.  Their “Magic Fingers” are always with them to help them feel better and that makes them very lucky.

Deborah Miller




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist