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Quickie pain relief--A "one point wonder".

EFt Tapping Outdated ImageNote: This is one of 3,000 articles written prior to the updated Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tapping Tutorial™.  It provides practical uses for EFT Tapping and most EFT'ers should find it very helpful.  However, if your benefits are temporary or a more in-depth approach is needed, you are urged to explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist, and/or (3) get help from a Certified EFT Practitioner.  

Please give a serious look at this brief story by Angela Treat Lyon. It involves the complete cessation of severe pain by simply tapping on one point. While EFT does not always work this cleanly (sometimes it takes many sessions of sophisticated applications), there are certainly times when we get this presto result.

There are many valuable uses for this feature. For example: (1) Some injured athletes might get right back in the game instead of needing weeks of recovery, (2) Physicians with minimal EFT experience can try this simple procedure for a few seconds before prescribing drugs and (3) It can be applied where the social circumstances wouldn't permit a longer session.

By Angela Treat Lyon

Hi Gary,

Here's a shorty for you.

I was in a long lunchtime line at the bank last week, and when I finally got to the teller, his face was all scrunched up in a big scowl - very unlike this gentle young man - and I noticed he held his arm close to his side and moved as if in pain

I asked him if he was having a hard day. He said yeah, quietly, bending over to whisper, so no one would hear, "I hurt my arm in basketball practice."

I could see how the shoulder all the way to the elbow was inflamed and bruised. I asked him if he'd like to try a little trick to get the pain down. His eyebrows shot up to the top of his forehead as he whispered, "You've got one?" I laughed and said yes.

Since there were so many people in line, I figured I'd best not do a full, seven-point tap. So I just told him to take his two fingers and tap on the under eye spot and say, "This pain, I'm OK." He did - and the pain was gone. One point! One statement! He was so thrilled he jumped off his high bank stool and did the funniest little whisper-scream of delight. He thanked me, looking as if he'd been planted on a new planet and couldn't get over the shock - I laughed all the way out to my car.

Aloha -

Angela Treat Lyon




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist