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Sometimes slowing down EFT can provide quality benefits

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Shelley Hawkins-Clark found that she wasn't making the usual progress with her client.  However, she noticed that.."Since Reed was a driven person, I could tell she moved through the tapping fast and got the sense that perhaps she was not "with herself" in this process or that her emotions didn't have the time to "kick in" or catch up to her."  So Shelley asked Reed to slow down the process in a particular way.  The result was impressive.  This is the story.

Hugs, Gary

By Shelley Hawkins-Clark EFT-ADV

Recently "Reed", a new client, contacted me because of frustration with not being able to lose 60 pounds that had crept up over recent years and because she felt unmotivated to finish her degree. We are still in progress. However, I wanted to pass on a couple of simple techniques that quickly opened up the doors for her.

After managing accounting firms for 30 years, she is going back to school to earn her law degree, a long time love. She is well acquainted with EFT and has used it for several years successfully, but was feeling stuck and frustrated with her dying motivation in school and diet.

In our first conversation, she communicated that she struggles to rate her intensity because she doesn't really feel it. She's tapped on emotional issues with food and food cravings, but found she "mourned" the food, even though she cleared the cravings.

Also, accomplishment is very important to her. Several times she communicated that she "should be able to do this," she's a "smart girl," and made references that she could never measure up to how hard her parents worked and what they had accomplished. We started there with the "shoulds" and the general view that "life is hard," with some basic, but unimpressive progress.

As part of her homework, I suggested setup and reminder phrases that included more about the shoulds and "suppose tos," in addition to the idea that her feelings were in a little black box that she would consider opening--maybe she was trying to tell herself something. But equally, if not more important I think, than the phrases are a couple of technique recommendations I offered.

Since Reed was a driven person, I could tell she moved through the tapping fast and got the sense that perhaps she was not "with herself" in this process or that her emotions didn't have the time to "kick in" or catch up to her. As she moved through the reminder phrases, I recommended she include tapping on heart chakra to access and move the emotion (this may not be necessary for everyone), the wrist points, and to slow the process down by staying at each point long enough to say several phrases. She could even "tell a story" as she was doing it.

She soon contacted me with great excitement at how things were opening up for her. We are now accessing that little black box with great progress on a lifetime of losses never mourned, her relationship with food and her relationship with her parents. She is losing weight and making changes with relative ease. She is also making much more progress on the tapping she does on her own and discovering all sorts of things she'd "forgotten."

Like the space between the notes makes the music, the nuances between the mechanics of EFT can make all the difference in success.

Shelley Hawkins-Clark, EFT-ADV


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