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Hi Everyone,

What is fascinating about this article by John Digby (from England) is that his client's returning sense of smell was a side benefit. EFT was used successfully for many other issues but never for her olfactory sense.

Hugs, Gary

By John Digby

Recently, at the second day of a two-day EFT workshop I witnessed a fantastic experience of a student.

“K” had experienced a car accident some fourteen years previously, which left her with several unresolved issues.  Following her EFT workshops two months earlier and her last two weekends of tapping, she had shifted a whole range of persistent problems, including fear of driving, heights, bridges and guilt over “getting away without serious injury” when a work colleague had died on the motorway just six weeks previously. 

In the two months since the beginning of her journey into EFT, she worked on her Personal Peace Procedure on a daily basis.  Now, all my courses include a wonderful home-cooked Sunday lunch in an old country pub which is over 400 years old.  This Sunday, as we entered, “K” rejoiced “Oh; I can smell mint sauce”.  To which I said, “Of course, they have roast lamb on the menu”.

She replied, “But I haven’t smelled ANYTHING for 14 years, since the accident!”  She then went on to say the food tasted so much richer that she could remember.  She was particularly complementary about the Mississippi Mud Pie!

Now that’s what I call a great borrowed benefit as at no time had she tapped on her olfactory deprivation.

John Digby




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist