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A clever combination of tapping and visualization

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Karen Haider tells us about her unique way of resolving important issues. Good article. It will be ideal for many people.

Hugs, Gary

By Karen Haider

I first learned about EFT two years ago. Just by reading the instructions in the manual and the wonderful personal accounts of how others used EFT to resolve their issues, I was able to successfully resolve a severe chronic pain in my right shoulder.  After that success, I made the mistake of not following through with uncovering other issues and continuing the tapping, not having yet heard Gary’s wise words, “We are never done.”

After about a year and a half, the pain in the shoulder resurfaced and resisted all attempts to tap it away, so I decided to order the DVDs and have been learning a tremendous amount from watching Gary address such a wide variety of problems and issues as well as from watching the amazingly different styles and approaches the masters bring to this art.

After watching and absorbing the methodology of Dr. Stephen Daniel (EFT Specialty Series Two), I had an amazing breakthrough and have complete relief from the deep burning pain in that shoulder.  The approach I used is sufficiently different that I want to share it with the EFT community.

I had already intuited that the root cause of my problem was to be found in a traumatic birth and the resultant fear of engaging with the world, but the following ideas from Dr. Daniel’s presentation and handout were key for this healing:

1) Why isn’t my body healing?
Answer:  bad internal pictures and beliefs, a vow (made unconsciously in my case).

2) If I had a picture (or belief, or emotion) blocking healing, what might it be?

3) What is the earliest memory that resonates with that picture (or belief, or emotion)?

In my case, the traumatic birth (strangled by the cord and nearly drowned) was not an accessible memory, but just a fact that was made known to me.  I was also aware of a pervading sense of fear about the world and not being safe.  This was related to the vow I had made unconsciously about protecting myself at all cost and not letting anything ever harm me again.

However, the intensity of the pain was what gave me access to a picture that was blocking healing.  The picture that was a visual representation of the pain in my shoulder was a huge dam, at least as big as Hoover dam and just as thick and solid.  When that picture came into clear view in my mind, it was very vivid and had an immediate emotional impact, so I started tapping without a setup statement because I was so tuned into the picture.

In fact, I just kept tapping through all the points without saying anything at all, just kept holding that picture in my mind.  As I went through the points over and over, the picture spontaneously began to change, becoming smaller, more distant.  And then I began imagining that it was not made of impenetrable concrete walls, but sand and began holding a second picture in my mind simultaneously of a small dam made of sand that was being washed away by waves.

Another idea came to my mind about just taking my finger out of the hole in the dam and letting it dissolve that way, too.  Then I thought about the water washing away most of the dam, but leaving a bridge to past, but allowing the energy to flow freely beneath it.  All the time I just kept tapping and tapping while these ideas and images came to me.

Within 10 minutes or so, the vivid picture of the huge dam had receded completely and the pain in the shoulder was almost completely gone.  I massaged it for a minute or so, and the rest of the knot dissolved.

Your entire set of DVDs is the best gift I ever gave myself.  Thanks for EFT!

Karen Haider


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