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Using EFT for the client who feels bad about herself

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Read how Christine Danyi explores the specific events behind her client's ever present sense of feeling bad about herself. Regarding one of the issues she says, "This is a perfect example of EFT bringing up an issue that had previously been 'worked on' that still remained unresolved in the body's energy system."

Hugs, Gary

By Christine Danyi, EFT-ADV

Hi Gary,

Susan (not her real name) came to see me for a second session.  She was having difficulty getting things done, not going to sleep until very late, and generally feeling bad about herself.  In our first session we dealt with issues about never being able to do something right; her parents always finding fault with something she did.

Since we didn't have enough time during our last session we decided to tackle this first.  Susan remembered a time several years ago when she got a bad review at her employer after doing everything perfect and knowing she could have done better if they had simply told her what they wanted.  We tapped around the anger she felt, the sadness at their not appreciating her.

After a few rounds she stopped me and said, "This is strange, I'm thinking about Chica, my cat that died.”  She went on to say, "I did guided imagery about this event years ago and I have forgiven myself so why am I thinking about it now?"  This is a perfect example of EFT bringing up an issue that had previously been 'worked on' that still remained unresolved in the body's energy system.

I asked her to tell me what happened.  She said that when she left for work one day, Chica stood outside and looked very sad.  Chica was a sad kitty in general but this day it was different.  She thought briefly about bringing Chica to work with her as she had a job that would allow her to do that.  She then decided that since Chica did not like being in the car that she would leave her at home.

When she came home that evening, Chica was lying dead on the lawn.  Susan was deeply affected by this and she was crying.  A definite 10 out of 10 in her level of intensity.  We did several rounds of tapping on the guilt, the feeling that she should have done something, and some guided imagery of the "blue, globby Chica heart pain" leaving her body.  She then said she realized that there was probably nothing she could have done to save Chica.  Chica was simply saying goodbye to her in her own sad way.  Her intensity about a problem that she thought she had previously resolved went from a 10 to a zero in minutes!

Ready for more tapping we dove into a guilt she has had for years about an affair with a married man.  We used the Movie Technique as the story was particularly upsetting for her.  She felt that she deserved to be punished for what she had done.  We tapped for Even though I did something so terrible … I'm a rotten person … it's bad Karma … I'm sure the same thing will happen in my marriage … and we tackled every emotion that bubbled to the surface.

I asked her if she felt it anywhere in her body.  She said she felt little gray particles everywhere and that these particles were magnetic and she had a big magnet in front of her.  We then tapped until all the particles were now on the magnet and then she threw it in the lake outside the window.  She then told me that those particles were previously one piece.  She had not realized that this big solid piece of metal was inside every part of her body impeding her every move.  The tapping had broken it up into itty-bitty pieces.  She said she now felt a new freedom that she didn't feel before.  Amazing stuff!

Here are some excerpts from her email from the following day.  "I'm feeling so much better.  When I came home from work my husband said, ‘you're glowing’.  I think that stagnant stuff that turned into particles really caused a lot of problems.  I'm feeling that I'll have a lot of positive changes because of it, and I still feel like my mind is continuing to process it."

Sounds like energy moving!  Wow!


Christine Danyi EFT-ADV


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