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Thoughts on following your EFT intuition with clients

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

It has been my long held view that ALL of us have excellent intuition. The difference between those who seem to have it and those who don't is simply a matter of trusting the intuition you receive. Cacina Spaeth from Germany emphasizes this point with a real life example. As she stumbles within her own intuition she says, "The thing is, not having at least a hunch of where to go with a client is something I hardly ever encounter anymore. Therefore this experience with John was really odd, and somewhat bewildering for me."

Hugs, Gary

By Cacina Spaeth

Ever since I began working with EFT some years ago, "courage" seems to have become my middle name. Following and acting upon my intuition is the reason for that. This article is an example of how meaningful it can be to trust our intuition all the way.

Some time ago a young man (John) came to see me because of his relationship issues. He is in the beginning of his thirties and seems to be doing ok in his professional life. But not so much when it comes to relationships. At the beginning of our session he told me that yes, he does have relationships on and off. But the women he really would fall for don't even seem to notice him. And the ones he can have he doesn't find particularly interesting. They're "nice", and he has had longer relationships (up to 4 years) with some of these "nice" women. But John simply couldn't find it within himself to truly love, even one of them. And this is why he came to see me. He wants to love, he doesn't want yet another of these "lukewarm" relationships. He wants to not only be loved, but to also genuinely feel love for someone.

While listening to his story I did get all kinds of ideas where to go with John in our tapping. Even more so when John additionally mentioned that as a teenager he did fall in love with a girl he truly adored. According to him, it all began very promising, and they actually were together for some time until she dumped him "out of the blue".

Something in how he had talked about all of this eventually nudged me enough to begin tapping with him. But even after having spent most of our time doing EFT with him, none of it felt right for me. And while John seemed to be pretty satisfied with his first session of ever having "tried something so weird", I was left with the vague, but clear enough sensation that we had not at all been wherever "it" was. The thing is, not having at least a hunch of where to go with a client is something I hardly ever encounter anymore. Therefore this experience with John was really odd, and somewhat bewildering for me.

When he came for his second appointment a week later I felt confident again. Maybe I'd just had a bad day last time. And today it surely would be different... But no, after having talked a bit with him my mental databank kicked in with all kinds of good and interesting suggestions for where to go in our tapping. But I simply couldn't feel it. Any of it! I couldn't sense the guy. And that began to agitate me, to really stir me up inside. And so, while performing yet another mediocre tapping round with John, in which I felt "intuitively blind," I noticed an old and all too familiar program of mine raise its ugly head. "What if I'm simply not good enough?" Ouch...

But John was here, sitting right in front of me, while I was tinkering around on the verge of my "not good enough abyss". So, what to do?

I brought my unsatisfying tapping round with him to an end, and became silent. I just looked at him. I simply needed to feel what was going on! And then something peculiar happened. I noticed how my focus within myself shifted. It moved from "what's wrong with me?" to "what's going on here?". And without me doing anything consciously I felt myself all of a sudden being flooded with the remembrances of many beautiful and powerful sessions I've done over the years. Somehow I "remembered" that usually my intuition works just fine, that usually I can trust what I sense. With John here, I sensed ... nothing. So, I began to wonder, what if me not feeling a thing here isn't about me not being good enough? What if I don't sense a thing because ... there's nothing to sense??"

Me now trying to describe that moment took me a lot more time than the precious sniff of insight I had back then with John. But - as many of you will recognize from your own experiences - now it was time for the "gutsy part". And I chose to risk it.

I simply put my cards on the table and told John the truth: "John, I don't know what to do with you. Usually I have a pretty good intuition, and I sense all kinds of things about where to go with my clients. But with you.- I'm sorry, John, but I don't sense a thing... I'm listening to you, I hear what you say, and it all makes perfect sense. I believe you. But I can't feel you one bit. Does that make any sense to you? Any sense at all? Or am I totally off here?"

So. There it was. I had said it. And I couldn't take it back. But wow....

and there was John! His eyes lit up, and I felt him for the very first time as he somewhat bewilderedly smiled at me and said: "That's weird... This is exactly what I've heard from all the girlfriends I've ever been with. And it is exactly how I feel! It feels as if I'm sitting in some sort of a glass box. I'm just in there, totally sealed. I can see everything, I can observe the world out there. But I can't feel it, touch it, smell it... Nothing comes in, and nothing comes out...."

Sigh... (smile) You can't imagine the relief I felt that moment.

What I had perceived (due to negative conditioning) as my problem wasn't my problem at all. In truth it turned out to be a core issue for John. And from the moment he had come up with his own metaphor of how it is to live his life from within a glass box, there was nothing "wrong" anymore with my intuition, and our real work together began to unfold.

Following our intuition always pays off. All that's required is to genuinely listen to what it really says, to trust it, and to act upon it... -- even if it at times feels risky to do so.

I hope this is helpful to many.


Cacina Spaeth (Munich, Germany)


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