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Frances Songhurst finally gets a rapid result for herself

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Frances Songhurst from the United Kingdom often generated rapid results for her clients but was unable to do so for herself. Then one day she tried a creative approach and tapped on thoughts and feelings as they showed up. Success!

Hugs, Gary

By Frances Songhurst

Hi Gary,

I've worked as an EFT practitioner for over three years now and although I often get speedy results with my clients, it has never been the case with me, untill recently. I tap on myself every day for various things, and the results have always been very slow - I think of it as not 'seeing the wood for the trees'- anyhow I thought you may like to know of my 'quick result'.

A few weeks ago I recieved a small fashion catalogue through the post, and on looking at it I realised it was creating some uncomfortable feelings for me. I was aware that I had to go to work that day, so may be short of time, but I decided there and then to spend the whole day, in between work, to work on these feelings.

I had 20 minutes before I had to 'get going' so I decided to spend the time 'tapping' to make a good start. I opened the catalogue and looked through, making a mark on the clothes I would have liked to have bought if I could afford them. I realised this was an 'opener', so I tapped on the karate chop point on...

Even though I have this feeling of resentment...

Even though I'd like to have the money to buy these items...

Even though buying these clothes would make me feel good...

I did not take a 0-10 intensity reading before because I was 'feeling the feeling' too much to bother. The feeling I felt above all others was a 'clenching in my stomach', a kind of 'sinking pit in the stomach feeling'.

Anyhow, I carried on tapping on the first 7 points - eyebrow, edge of eye, under eye, under nose, under lip, collarbone, under arm and also top of head. I shortend the phrases to 'no money', 'feeling good', and 'feeling resentful'.

My next round changed as other feelings came to the surface. I was remembering when I was a child and my mother would make me wear 'awful' clothes all the time - I ended up looking like someone's granny at the age of 7! The result of this was that people laughed at me at school, and I've always hated my mother for doing this to me. So, I tapped on 'wearing those clothes', 'hating my mum for what she did', and 'friends laughing at me'- starting on the karate chop point first, and going through the 8 points again.

Other realisations came up that I felt ready to tap on, 'forgiving my mum, as she couldn't help it, it was due to the writing on her walls', 'she had reasons for what she did, even though she was probably jealous of me', 'I could have looked really pretty then, but she didn't let me'.

Then came a feeling in my mind that my mothers 'writing on her walls' i.e her problems, was transferred to mine as a kind of sticker. So, I tapped on 'peeling the sticker off', 'rubbing it together in my hand', and 'throwing the sticker away'.

The following round consisted of 'forgiving my friends for laughing, I looked so funny, I would have laughed too, if I'd met myself', ' If they didn't laugh at me they would probably have laughed at someone else, who may not have been able to cope', 'It wasn't my mothers fault, she did the best she could'.

Well, my 20 minutes were up, I couldn't think of anything else to tap on for now, so I had a quick look through the brochure again. I hadn't realised it but, ALL MY PREVIOUS FEELINGS HAD GONE! I looked again, especially at the items I had wanted to buy, and NOTHING WAS THERE! This bad feeling of resentment, hatred, shame and guilt that had been the 'pit in the stomach' feeling ( these feeling were well over 35 years old, and were pretty constant in my every day life) had completely DISSAPEARED. Wow, a 'quick result' for me, there's a first!

I kept the brochure to see if the feelings returned - none at all, except the realisation that I didn't really need the clothes anyway!

Best Wishes,

Frances Songhurst


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