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Using EFT

Using EFT to avert an amputation

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Dr. Patricia Carrington provides this intriguing account of "Hans" and his Holland physiotherapist, Jan Scholtes. As you will see, Hans was advised by his physician to have his leg amputated. However, after the persistent use of EFT by Jan Scholtes, most of his pains subsided and he regained substantial use of his leg. The article goes on to say, "Measurements of his circulation show definite improvement, and his surgeon, who sees him several times a year, is astonished and no longer recommends amputation."

By Patricia Carrington, PhD

Jan Scholtes works in the Physiotherapy Department of a hospital in Holland where "Hans" (not his real name) is an outpatient who has long been suffering from severely impaired blood circulation in his legs. When he was referred to the department by his surgeon, he had already had five bypass operations in a futile attempt to correct this situation and was experiencing continuous excruciating pain in his left leg. At a loss for any other solution, his surgeon had advised him to have his left leg amputated.

Not ready to agree to an amputation, Hans had then been sent to the Physiotherapy department for training that might conceivably stimulate revascularization. However, the training had turned out to be unsuccessful. Several months of it had done nothing for him. He still had to leave his bed four times each night because of unbearable pain and at that time his leg would feel "cold and stiff like a clump." He walked with two crutches and could put hardly any weight or pressure on his foot at any time.

In working with Hans, Jan found that the most helpful thing she could do was to allow him to talk about his situation. The theory was that if he was allowed to talk long enough he would eventually make up his mind to have the needed amputation.

Then, 6 months ago, this situation changed sharply because Jan heard of EFT for the first time. Interestingly, one of the very first Gary Craig newsletters he received was the one that contained an account by Rebecca Marina of the use of EFT for blood clumping

When Jan read Rebecca's description of the manner in which EFT could affect the blood, he immediately thought of Hans and decided to try EFT with him. He didn't expect this to be easy to do since Hans was, in his words, a "real straight car mechanic," and in fact he did react with some initial resistance when he proposed that he do this strange thing that he never seen or heard of before. However, because he had been working well with Jan, Hans' decision when he presented EFT to him was, "Anything you want to do is OK, so long as I get out of the pain -- so what do you want me to do?"

After a short explanation of EFT, which he couldn't really comprehend, they started tapping. Despite Hans' lack of understanding of just what was involved, he obviously trusted Jan and his comment was, "Let's start and see what happens."

They started by using words such as the following:

"Even though my leg is painful and cold as ice..."

"Even though my blood vessels don't transport enough oxygen to my left foot, I ask my remaining blood to do its best and bring oxygen to my left foot."

"Even though my remaining blood vessels are in a bad condition, I want them to repair and bring life to my left foot, etc."

Directly following his first treatment Hans felt less stiffness in his left foot and this was enough to give him confidence in the technique. Jan then explained to him what he could do for homework. He kept it simple for him and made up a set-up sentence which ran something like,

"Even though my blood circulation is in a very bad condition, I deeply and completely accept myself and I ask my blood to help me to get as much blood in my left leg as possible."

Two days later he came back. He had been doing his homework regularly and reported that he now felt even more change in his left foot; there were less cramps, and the stiffness had begun to change. He reported that he had been doing EFT in secret in his bedroom because, he said, he didn't want his wife to think that he also had a circulation problem in his brain!

After several weeks of EFT Hans could bear more weight and stand longer on his foot and was sleeping the whole night through. After he would do his fitness training, when the cramps in his leg would typically begin, he would use EFT, and in a minute or two the cramps would disappear and he could continue his exercise. This made it possible for him to do more intensive physical training than before which, in turn, could build up the condition of his muscles which was very poor. His left leg was like a thin stick because it had hardly been used for years.

With the use of EFT and the intensified exercise as the result of the changes in his legs, his condition began to improve, slowly but surely.

At the present time Hans uses hardly any pain medication and is only taking 25% of the amount he needed before of the medicine designed to prevent coagulation of his blood. He is able to work in his garden if he sits down and rests once in a while during that task. He only uses his crutches when he walks long distances. He tells Jan that he can play some football by "shooting the ball to one another." (His friends are letting him join in a portion of the game). He also sleeps the whole night through without any pain and his foot feels "nice and warm" all day. Measurements of his circulation show definite improvement, and his surgeon, who sees him several times a year, is astonished and no longer recommends amputation. Jan has not told the surgeon that he uses EFT with Hans though because "he is a 'real man of science" and he is afraid he might disapprove.

As Jan continues to work with Hans, from time to time they change the setup phrase for his EFT. Recent phrases they have used are:

"Even though my blood circulation still is not as good as I want, I forgive myself for everything that I may have contributed to bringing about this situation."


"Even though my handicapped blood circulation still is not 100%, I ask my blood cells to transport as much oxygen as they can."

The outcome in terms of full rehabilitation of such badly damaged tissues is obviously uncertain; Hans's left leg is what Jan refers to as a "scar field" after so many operations. He reports that nevertheless his muscles continue to become stronger, and neither he nor Jan are giving up on making even further improvement in the future. Persistence is the word, and clearly they both have it!

Aside from my admiration at the way Jan has handled this treatment, I would like to point out the interesting use, on several occasions as reported here, of the word "ask" in the EFT affirmation (the last portion of the EFT set-up phrase.) The word "ask" expresses an unusual respect for the processes of the body, for its own agenda. I think it a lovely variation of a positive affirmation such as that used in the Choices method, and am experimenting myself with its usefulness for physical symptoms. Intuitively, I think it is a wording that contains much wisdom.

I also find it noteworthy that Jan directed Hans to be precise and super-clear when referring to the bodily condition he wanted to have corrected, as well as to the new state he wanted to bring about. This is something which Jan was undoubtedly trained to do as a physiotherapist, but it is also the path which Rebecca Marina followed when she successful directed her blood, and it is clearly the manner in which Gary Craig employs EFT for physical conditions. Specificity is apparently the "name of the game" here, and these accounts attest to its great effectiveness.

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.


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