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Using EFT

Using EFT for Herpes

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here we have a fascinating account regarding EFT and Herpes from Valerie Mortensen. Valerie is the client of my dear friend and long time EFT'er Sandi Radomski. Sandi, as many of you know, is a leading authority in the field of allergies and substance sensitivities.

In Sandi's experience, many illnesses can be treated with EFT as if they were allergies to bacteria or viruses. This is a finding with major potential for the healing field and thus I urge you to study this account.

As you will see, Valerie has frequent bouts with herpes blisters whereby they occur 7-10 days apart for as long as 2 months at a time. By using the detailed protocol outlined in her article, she has had only one beginning outbreak in the last 7 months and quickly "tapped that one away" in its early stages.

Hugs, Gary

P.S. Sandi has an extensive write-up regarding her procedures on the EFT Cousins section of our web site. See . Her contact info is there as well.


By Valerie Mortensen

I had what appeared to be miraculous recoveries from two kinds of Herpes using a different EFT method on each one (thanks to Sandi Radomski, Silvia Hartman, Alister Bredee, Hulda Clark and Gary Craig!)

Herpes simplex 1: I had recurring fever blisters on my upper lip since high school and had tried many methods to get rid of them. I found several products that would quickly heal a blister, yet a new one emerged as the old was healing. And I continued to feel the viral draggy feeling and insomnia, falling into a cycle of new blisters every 7-10 days as long as 2 months at a time. Then 2-6 months might pass blister-free.

Last November, one day into the fourth blister in 4 weeks, I was following links from and read an article on Sandi Radomski's book Allergy Antidotes. She found success using EFT to treat allergies and that some illnesses could be treated as if they were allergies to bacteria or viruses. I called to order her book, and asked if I could use this for Herpes. She said yes. I was amazed and skeptical but followed her instructions.

1. Surround the dragon (Approach it from as many directions as you can think of.)

2. Do it every 15 minutes until you see results.

It was 5 pm and I had to cook and eat to be at a 7 pm dance rehearsal. I managed to go through the following process by 6:30 departure time and by 7 pm I noticed I felt more clear-headed and happy. The viral draggy feeling had let up and the hotness and swelling was gone from my lip! By morning I felt significantly more relaxed, rested and upbeat. The blister healed and I had clear sailing for a long time, though you bet I repeated the EFT protocol any time I felt the slightest tingle or even imagined I might feel a tingle. 3 months later (In Feb) I woke up with a blister that had just started while I was asleep. I tapped immediately and it receded and healed without the skin breaking. Now it's June and still all clear.

Here's the protocol Sandi coached me with:

1. Even though I have an allergy to this _________, I deeply and profoundly love & accept myself.

Hold your saliva or urine in a vial or kleenex and say "this virus" where the blank is in the above SetUp Statement. Do a similar procedure with the following phrases.

b. Write the words "Herpes simplex" on a piece of paper (and say it)

c. "itchy tingly nerve in my lip"

d. Touch or point to the blister and say "this fever blister"

Also, even though I have an infection causing this fever blister (could describe symptoms), I deeply love &...

2. Even though I tried this remedy and it didn't work (hold old remedy), I deeply and profoundly love & accept myself.

3. Play inner movies of first time you ever had fever blister. Even though I had a fever blister when I ____, I deeply and profoundly love & accept myself.

4. Even though my immune system didn't recognize the Herpes virus soon enough, I deeply and profoundly love & accept myself.

5. Even though my immune system missed whatever is making this come back, I deeply and profoundly love & accept myself.

6. I choose for my body to heal. I choose to have a beautiful face. (Can do EFT on any of your movies that make you feel ugly or shame for beauty) Or whatever comes up for you.

Herpes zoster (shingles): Interestingly enough, 5 months later (on April 14) I got similar blisters along nerves in both my big toes, that felt like walking on broken glass. On 4/16 a health practitioner diagnosed them as shingles and on 4/20 I finally got around to tapping when I was passenger on a car trip.

By then I had read a series of emails from Don Elium's "eToxResearch" (reading Allergy Antidotes qualifies you to join this email list) where Silvia Hartman described success using EFT to raise her metabolism and then Alister Bredee (from Ireland) surmised from that one might raise one's vibratory rate. He based his experiments on the research and discoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark N.D. (The Cure for All Diseases) and the phenomenon of bioradiation (organisms give off specific frequencies).

Dr. Hulda Clark said that two things cause disease: parasites and pollutants. She had found she could kill parasites, bacteria and viruses by generating a specific frequency for each organism using an electronic frequency generator machine for three minutes. Alister Bredee found he could use EFT to set up the same frequencies in the body and thus kill problem organisms! You can look up the specific frequency in the list in the back of The Cure for All Diseases.

I used his set-up phrasing after looking up the proper frequency:

"Even though I have shingles (Herpes zoster virus), my body now sets up a frequency of 418 KHZ because I now choose to rid myself of them and I deserve much better health, and more energy, don't I?"

Alister says, "The tapping spot for the set-up is GV 27 (above upper lip). Do a round of tapping whilst repeating "418 KHZ". I found you have to tap all points, including the ring finger, and the procedure needs to last for approximately three minutes."

Dr. Hulda Clark said for certain organisms like parasites, it would be necessary to repeat the procedure on a weekly basis to maintain the all clear. I only did it once (for three minutes) and the shingles blisters were noticeably diminished by the next day and my toes healed back to healthy over the next few days.

The amazing implications of this discovery are that we can use EFT to "zap" whatever organism is bothering us. You can look up diseases in Hulda Clark's The Cure for All Diseases and find what parasite she found associated with it (e.g. cancer, HIV, diabetes, autism, arthritis, Alzheimer's, etc.) and then "zap" it without the need for a machine.

Another approach to Herpes (nutrition absorbtion): I have continued to take L-Lysine as it was recommended years ago for protection against Herpes. I wondered about whether or not to continue with it. Sandi said alternatively I could muscle test to see if I was absorbing L-Lysine from my foods and if not to do EFT with something like, "Even though I haven't been absorbing L-Lysine from my food, I deeply and completely accept myself." thus improving absorption. (See Sandi Radomski's Allergy Antidotes)

Valerie Mortensen


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