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Calming down an energetic one year old child

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Jacqui Footman, from the UK, shows us a very practical use of EFT that is certain to bring peace to the parents of an overly energetic child.

By Jacqui Footman

Rodney is just one year old, but very big for his age, 9lb+ at birth and progressed from there! He is now getting too big for his mum to hold him comfortably and too strong when he squiggles. I didn't know Rodney or his mum at all, they came along to a small BBQ arranged at my house for one of my best friends' birthday. My friends instead of bringing just themselves at the last minute also brought their son who was home to write up his PhD, Rodney's mum who is a friend of their son and Rodney his godson.

Rodney entertained us all throughout the early evening. We heard how he just kept going all day, never slept in the day and even when he was tired refused to acknowledge the need to sleep. So come 7.30pm or so came the time when Rodney was getting tired but didn't really want to stop. His mum was trying to cuddle him and calm him down, but he was having none of it and just getting more and more squiggly and crying.

It was at this point that I remembered something I had read in one of Gary Craig's newsletters about a toddler who had dreadful tantrums and was regularly strapped in his car seat and left to scream because no-one could do anything with him, but was calmed in an instant with EFT. So I asked Rodney's mum if she would allow me to try some "acupressure" on him.

Rodney was duly passed over to me and, not being particularly strong myself, I was having trouble holding him on my lap - "so just how am I going to manage this?" I thought to myself as I tried with one hand to hold him still enough to tap with the other without ending up putting my finger in his eye or something! He was so squiggly and upset that it was quite difficult to tap.

Anyway, I somehow managed in the end and the effect was virtually instantaneous. I just tapped the eye points and I had only got as far as EB and SE when he stopped squiggling so that I could easily tap. I gently tapped UE and then round all three again and he was staring up at me with beautiful blue eyes, quite calm and quiet with an almost trance-like look in his eyes. I was going on to tap CB too, but realised as I was doing it that it was superfluous and he had already completely calmed down.

He then sat for quite a while on my lap and played ever so calmly with the spoons and plastic dishes on the table, smiling all round and making happy noises. Soon after that his godfather took him off for a little walk to get him to sleep.

Better still was the effect on the audience. They were totally amazed and kept commenting all evening. My friends admitted they had up until now been very sceptical of EFT (although they had been very polite about it to humour me as they were very good friends), but what they had just seen had been incredible. Rodney's mum was completely bowled over. I showed her which points I had tapped and gave her the website address so that she could see where I had got the idea from and learn about it for herself.

Then, this email arrived, a month or two on:

Jacqui its Mary, Rob's friend who cheekily gatecrashed your BBQ with my little boy Rodney. Haven't been able to access email for a while so have only just had the chance to thank you not only for the lovely meal but also for the technique you showed me to calm Rodney down. It seems to work quite a treat and generally gets him to quiet down and relax. Can I ask where exactly you learned it from as I am very interested in looking into it further.

I hope you and Amy are both well and enjoying the beautiful Devon countryside that I still miss so much.

Best Wishes,


Jacqui Footman

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