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Being bullied, sleeping with the lights on & fear of spiders

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By Michael Carr-Jones

Hi Gary,

So far I have used EFT with several children, the first and most important was a young boy (10) who was afraid to go to school because he was being bullied for being scholarly, he and I used EFT to increase his self confidence to the point where he could shrug off the bullies and just walk away without engaging them. He is able to go to school and feel that he can cope with most situations, his big sister (16) came with him to the session and now he and she and his Mother all tap each time they have a need, so we got three for the price of one (buy one get two free).

Then an ex work colleague of my wife's contacted me as her son was unable to sleep without the light on, or ended up in their bed. Also he had a pathological fear of spiders. He came along with his mother who also feared spiders (so did his father) , we had a great session , his mother also lost her fear whilst tapping the young lad, she picked a small one up at the end of the session. The next day she telephoned to say he had slept without the light on and had found a spider in the bathroom which she removed and he felt okay about, she telephoned me later on at the end of the week to confirm all was well.

Personally I enjoy working with children as they are so much more receptive to the treatment being offered, natural curiosity I suppose, although I confess to having one 8/9 year old girl with her mother and there was no way she was going to please me or her mother by co-operating.

All the best

Michael Carr-Jones

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Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist