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A two and a half year old releases a severe fear after one hour of very creative EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is an exquisite case by Roseanna Ellis. It should be read several times and studied for insights into handling aspects, establishing rapport and creativity. Note also that the whole session was done through surrogate EFT.

Hugs, Gary

By Roseanna Ellis

Of the hundreds of EFT sessions I have done in the past few years, none was as much fun as working with little Tommy.  This shows a way of thinking outside of the box and using imagination while using EFT to conquer a very young child’s fear.

Tommy’s father had been told about me and requested that I see his son at their home because Tommy was deadly afraid of going into his backyard.  As time passed, Tommy’s fear of the backyard was getting worse.  Not only did he go into a panic attack if he was brought outside, but he panicked if the back door was open.  It seemed that Tommy was not even happy being in the room leading to the back door.

When I arrived his mother began to cry, saying, “I think I have severely destroyed my child.”  She told me that a few months ago there was a severe thunderstorm and Tommy was out playing in the backyard.  Fearing that her child would get hit by lightening or that branches from the trees would fall on him, she panicked and yelled at him to come inside.  She said, “I had no idea that my fear would make such an impact on my child.” 

She never heard of EFT and had no clue what I was going to do with her son.  I gave her a very brief explanation of EFT and I headed over to Tommy.  He was friendly and playful.  He was playing with an indoor frisbee.  He did not speak much and if he did I could not make out what he was saying.  The only word I understood was Lady.  He kept calling me lady.  He also did not like me touching his tapping points.  I decided to do surrogate tapping for him.

I decided to play with him in the living room away from the room that led to the back door to gain his trust and confidence.  As we laughed and played throwing the frisbee to each other, I surrogate tapped as quickly as I could in between catching and throwing.  In surrogate tapping, I have to become the child. Even though that room that leads to the back door scares me, I am one awesome kid.

A few minutes later we were playing in the room that led to the back door with no problem.  Even though looking at that door scares me...  Within a few minutes he was throwing me the frisbee while my back was to the door.  Even though the door being open frightens me, I choose to be totally calm.  Within a few minutes he was throwing the frisbee to me with the door open.

Even though I will be scared if the frisbee goes into the backyard, I love myself and I choose to continue to have great fun anyway.  The frisbee landed just outside the door and I quickly picked him up in my arms and dashed outside while he was laughing and bent over telling him to pick up the frisbee and raced back inside.

Even though I am terrified if the frisbee goes onto the grass, I choose to have great fun.  Of course the universe would have it that it landed on the grass next to the bottom step.  Again I picked him up, ran outside, had him pick it up, and returned quickly.  We laughed and laughed all the time.  And I tapped and tapped every second I could.

Even though I am scared of the bushes and the trees in my backyard, I am still an awesome kid, and I choose to feel safe anyway.  Then I threw the frisbee into the bushes.  Next moment we are outside hand in hand, looking for the frisbee that mysteriously got away.  We marched around the yard singing Where is frisbee, Where is frisbee, Here I am, Here I am.  Where are you hiding, Where are you hiding, I’ll find you, I’ll find you.  I tapped while we both sang and spent one full minute looking for the frisbee through the grass and the bushes.

Then all of a sudden the wind began to blow and the trees and bushes began to sway.  Tommy gasped with fear, looked upward terrified and ran like the devil into the house.

We played inside for a few more minutes with the door open while I tapped.  Even though the sound of the trees moving is scary to me, I choose to be calm and feel safe.  I went outside, broke off a branch from a tree, and brought it in to the house.  I waved it around his head and tickled Tommy as I tapped on myself saying, Even though the sound of the trees making swishing noises scares me, I choose to have fun anyway.

He began to laugh, grabbed the branch from me, and waved it frantically over my head while I lay on the floor.  Then I raced outside saying “You can’t catch me.”  He raced after me and I fell on the grass pulling him down with me while laughing.  This forced him to look up at the trees.  I tapped my points saying, Even though looking up at these trees frightens me, I am still an awesome kid and I love myself and my backyard anyway.

His mother just stood the entire time staring with her mouth open in shock.  She called her husband screaming, “I can’t believe it, Tommy is in the backyard having a great time.”  As the time passed I had forgotten where I had hidden the frisbee.  Then I noticed that I had thrown it very deep into a pile of bushes.  I forged my way through the thick grass and bushes and as I bent down to pick it up I heard something behind me.  It was Tommy waist deep in grass and bushes saying, “I find it lady” “I find it lady.”  I knew the phobia was gone.

Tommy no longer saw the demon in his backyard.  He only saw a place to have fun and laughter.  I was getting ready to leave when Tommy took my hand and walked me through the backyard and across the street to the neighbor’s yard.  He got on a kid’s bike and began to peddle.  His mother came over and was in shock.  Tommy never liked to go into other people’s yards. 

Three weeks have passed since my treatment with Tommy and I heard that Tommy was having a blast in his backyard everyday.  It is miracles like EFT that can save a child from a phobia that could have destroyed his life, his family’s happiness and his future.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help so many people with the use of EFT.

Love, Roseanna


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