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Car sickness

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Hi Everyone,

I've had some recent correspondence with Larry Stewart, D.C.H. that merits your attention. Larry is a newcomer to EFT (about two months) and has written up this useful experience regarding car sickness. My comments follow Larry's message.

Hugs, Gary

by Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

1 hour into an 8 hour car trip coming back from Southern California with my 13 year old daughter, she told me she was car sick and needed to find a place to pull over. Sometimes, if we catch it soon enough, crackers or 7UP will help calm the nausea. Not this time. I thought we were going to have a long trip home, when it struck me, why not try EFT. First pass through, car sickness went from an 8 to a 4, next to a 2, third pass it was zero. We immediately jumped into the car, and came home with no troubles.

Very impressive.

That was 6 weeks ago, and even with some more difficult roads, there have been no troubles. I've asked if she felt car sick at all on one of the trips and she said "I don't get car sick anymore -- remember?"

GC COMMENT: I vividly remember when my own daughter (Tina--at age 5) vomited all over the back seat of my car while taking a trip on windy roads. Poor kid! She was miserable. Color left her face. Tears. She wanted to be anyplace but in that car. We stopped on several occasions but, alas, the relief was only temporary. That was 1970 and EFT had not even been thought of by then. If we had been anywhere near a drug store I would have purchased all the Dramamine in sight.

Speaking of Dramamine....I know little or nothing about it but I looked it up in my encyclopedia and found that it has been one of Upjohn's consistent sellers for many years. Although it reportedly doesn't cure anything, it is supposed to help with the effects of car sickness, air sickness and other forms of motion sickness. Side effects include drowsiness.

What's worth noting in Larry's message is that EFT, unlike Dramamine, appears to have provided long term relief and did so without any negative side effects. Who knows how long this cure(?) will last but, if it is anything like other experiences with EFT, the likelihood is that this result will be permanent. Even if it *only* lasts for a few weeks, that is still FAR better than any other form of relief I've heard of. This is not medical advice, by the way, it is just my observation. Seek the help of a physician where drugs are concerned.

Maybe someday studies will be run comparing EFT to other motion sickness remedies. I suspect that will happen. I also suspect that studies will be run comparing EFT to remedies for just about every ailment known. The findings, I predict, will point the way to major advances in healing. We are, indeed, on the ground floor of a Healing High Rise.

Cheers, Gary

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