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Surrogate EFT helps a screaming baby on a plane

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Hi Everyone,

Many EFT'ers report helping crying babies on a plane. While we don't get a 100% success rate, we get the job done often enough to impress any skeptic. Hildegard Hintz from Canada shows us how she did it using surrogate mental tapping.

Hugs, Gary

By Hildegard Hintz

Surrogate tapping to the rescue! On a recent flight to Mexico, one baby was in obvious distress. Nothing the distraught parents tried made any difference. The piercing screaming went on for several minutes and people including my partner were becoming resentful.

I wear earplugs on the plane and once I immerse myself in a book I am oblivious to the noises around me. My partner nudged me and said, "I can't take this anymore, somebody do something!" I realized that indeed I could and closed my eyes, tuned in to the baby's distress and mentally tapped:

Even though my ears are in pain…

EB-this pain,

SE-my ears hurt,

UE-this pain,

UN I'm scared,

CH-this ear pain,

CB- I am safe,

UA- this pain,

BN- it hurts,

WRIST- I sleep now,

TOP OF THE HEAD- I am fine.

It seemed to me that the intensity of the wail was getting milder and I repeated the sequence 2 more times. Lo and behold the screaming stopped and we did not hear another peep out of the baby for the remaining 4 hours.

Hildegard, Montreal, Canada




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist