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Surrogate tapping clears severe diaper rash

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Hi Everyone,

Doug Miller's child is in the potty training stage and developed a severe rash as part of the process. Doug did surrogate EFT in behalf of his son and, while the related problems have yet to clear, the rash vanished. You can read the details in this article.

Hugs, Gary

By Doug Miller

Our child is not potty trained yet.  He had ONE bowel movement in the toilet and it scared him.  He said it looked like a banana.  He now attempts to hold in his bowels.  From what I understand it is a common issue among little boys.  As a result, he has had a severe diaper rash, to the point of bleeding and severe discomfort.  At times it is so bad we can't even touch his bottom and thus we have to pour water on his bottom in the bathtub to wash off his poop.  It is so painful to watch our son have so much pain and agony.

Being new to EFT, I started tapping on it.  I used myself as a surrogate in my son's behalf and started tapping on the rash, and on the overall poop challenge.  I used many of the techniques from these newsletters and the website.  Here is what I did:

1. Said to myself, "I am Jack (my son's name)." 

2. Set up phrase I started with: Even though I am afraid having a poop will hurt, I am a great kid and I love myself

3. The reminder phrase: "Afraid poop will hurt"

4. I tapped through this for a few times, intentionally increasing the emotional energy and adding some ranting here and there.  For example, Really afraid this gigantic poop will hurt a lot!

5. I listened intuitively for some tail-enders and this is what I heard, "This is the only thing I can control anymore."

6. I started again with this setup phrase, Even though I feel like my poop is the only thing I can control anymore, I am a great kid and I love myself.

7. The reminder phrase: Poop is only thing I can control anymore

As I continued to listen for tail enders, I heard (and tapped on) items like: Mom and Dad not wanting to change diapers, not wanting to stop playing to change diapers, scared to see poop in the potty, scared to feel pain, wanting it all to just go away, etc.

Here is the miracle'. Even though most of my tapping aimed at the poop problem, his related rash is completely gone!  It only took two days of tapping and it is all cleared up.  He is continuing to struggle with pooping and attempting to hold it in (YES, I am still tapping on that part of the situation!).  Not having to see him in so much pain when changing a diaper is such a huge relief.

Thank you very much.  I am so grateful to have this simple and powerful technique at my fingertips (pun intended)!

Love and light,

Doug Miller




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist