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An EFT newcomer helps her daughter

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Hi Everyone,

Claudia Veronica Rodriguez-Martinez from Mexico achieves success for her daughter by tapping on her while sleeping. Interesting approach.

Hugs, Gary

By Claudia Veronica Rodriguez-Martinez

Hi Gary,

I want to tell you that I've been using EFT for my daughter who is almost 3 years old. She has been in day care since she was 4 months old. Currently she controls her sphincters, but a few months ago she had a problem where she wouldn't tell her teachers when she needed to poo. Although she had been controlling her sphincters since a few months prior with no problem; she would tell the family, but not her teachers. I was distraught because every day I was receiving a phone call to report that my daughter had soiled her pants and I had to go to the day care center to change her.

This became an intolerable situation because I had to ask permission daily at work to go to the day care, so I decided to take my daughter to a psychologist who specializes in children. She evaluated her case, and came to the conclusion that she did not have a serious problem. She focused on working with my daughter to get her to say when she needed to poo. The thing is I was not 100% convinced that that was the solution, as it was only certain people she would not tell.

Amazingly a workmate spoke to me about EFT and I set about learning more on the topic. After a while I managed to understand perfectly how to do the exercises, and I put it in practice with my daughter. She wouldn't let me tap on her, so I tapped on her while she slept at night, softly so as not to awaken her. I used the setup : Even though I pee and poo in my underpants, I'm a happy girl.

I did about three rounds each night for about ten days. After this she was 100% better because apart from saying when she needed to go to the bathroom, she was going of her own accord without needing a teacher to accompany her. She was showing great confidence in herself, it was wonderful.

There was a setback on one occasion a while later and I again applied the technique in the same way. This time we had success after two days.

GC COMMENT: Very creative.  This can be especially useful for those occasions when the child will not let you tap on him/her.  If this still doesn't work then you might try Evening EFT for Children or Surrogate EFT.

Thank you for all your teachings about EFT and I declare myself your #1 fan.

Claudia Veronica




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist