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Surrogate tapping for crying baby--over the Internet

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By Olga

Hi Gary --

I also have a children's story to add -- this one is very strange --- I run a room on mirc [live chat on the computer in cyberspace]. Whenever someone comes in hurting we stop and do a healing circle -- since I learned EFT I have been able to pull them aside and have worked with quite a few of them in cyberspace.

Saturday an old friend who had not been there a long time came in -- he was very upset -- his wife had been raped. We did a Reiki healing circle and he got me in private chat and told me she was in very bad shape and asked if I could do anything more for her -- she was going out of her mind -- as was he, and their 7 month old infant was becoming very stressed.

They live in Northern Europe -- the young man speaks quite good English, but the wife does not -- and at that time because of the time differential she was asleep under heavy sedation.

So I made an appointment with them for Sunday noon my time -- and asked him to do the translating while I worked with her [this is on the internet] .

We were doing pretty well -- but there would be long gaps of silence and no response -- and I could 'feel' her pulling away from me. So I stopped and asked what was going on. Well it seemed the infant was teething and screaming and the mother had picked him up and was trying to soothe him while I was working with her.

Nothing would calm him.

So I said -- let us stop and work with the child -- they agreed and we did. I had the mother hold the child in lap with his back against her chest. Using the karate point I had mother repeat in Her language (surrogately, as though she was the child): "Even though I am stressed and screaming I love and accept myself" -- then I had mother tap gently through face, collarbone and under arm-- we could of course not go through the 9 gamut -- this was a 7 month old child !! So after 2 rounds the father typed that the child was calming down -- I told mother to lay baby on back in lap and rub tummy gently while repeating :" I love and accept myself completely " -- then turn him over on his tummy and rub his back gently and repeat the words again -- the total procedure took about 5 minutes -- and the father typed -- "will be right back the infant is asleep and we have to put him in his crib."

Five minutes later they came back to the computer, and I continued to work with the mother. Now I was able to get her down from a 9 to a 4 -- a few more aspects and rounds -- and it was down to zero.

I thought you would enjoy both the child aspect and the fact that it was done over the internet.

This is a marvelous tool -- thank you

In Peace


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