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Touching trichotillomania tale

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

At a trichotillomania retreat, one person willing to try EFT on a stranger made an important breakthough. The fact that they were both involved in the same retreat undoubtedly created some rapport, which is always a necessary ingredient, but the person applying the EFT used some very sharp intuition and got to the heart of the problem quickly. Here is the story...

Hugs, Gary

(Author's name withheld for privacy reasons)

I want to share with you and anyone else who wishes to learn an exciting experience I had on the 24th of August last weekend. I attended and was one of the organizers of this years annual Trichotillomania Retreat membership conference in Massachusetts. Each year adults and children gather in a camp setting to attend educational and experiential workshops on TTM. We laugh, cry, experience, swim, share and heal. It is the most important healing experience in the Trich. community.

During breakfast Sunday morning a lady came up and asked me to talk to a participant who had been crying since she registered on Saturday. This person was scared the depressed woman was going to harm herself. I introduced myself and asked if I could attend a workshop with her. We went to one workshop and she continued to cry from the moment I met her through the workshop. I asked if I could see her privately to talk with her.

We went back to her cabin and talked. She told me no therapy or medications had helped. She picked her face for hours a day and was up till 3 am most nights stuck picking and staring in the mirror. Her arms were weak. She had been picking most of Saturday night since arriving at the retreat. I asked if I could try my energy balancing work. I corrected a massive psychological reversal and gave her her correction for reversal to stop picking "Even if I never stop picking for the rest of my life and am scared forever", I then helped her elicit her picking urge by staring in her pocket mirror. She got it up to a 5 and we used the CB, UE, CB, UA, CB, 9 gamut and repeat with one mini reversal. She could not elicit the urge after two treatments. She reported her depression gone. She was in shock.

She spent the rest of the retreat laughing, crying in relief, dancing and doing karaoke. She said I saved her life. I said, no God and Roger Callahan, Gary Craig and Don Zandier saved your life. I cried in complete humbleness that I was able to help her. This is one of the most profound healings I have been witness to. It made me all the more determined to continue learning. I have her phone number and will follow up with her. Author's name withheld for privacy reasons.

RESPONSE: Touching story. It's healing experiences like this that motivates us all. It would be my guess that it was healing for you as well because there was love in your story and love, of course, is the ultimate healer. EFT is but a tool. I think we sometimes miss perspective when we buy into the idea that we are the healers and the client is the "healee." I think healing is a joint process even though it doesn't always appear that way. God was there with you, of course, but Roger, Don (your supervisor) and I were not (at least not physically). Take some credit for your efforts. In fact, take a lot of credit. It was you who took the initiative.

On a technical note, the CB, UE, CB, UA, CB sequence that you used is not the EFT shortcut sequence. That's OK. Whatever works. There are many sequences that would have done this job. The EFT sequence is designed to be "all-purpose" and would most likely have done the job just as easily.

Peace, Gary

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