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Surrogate EFT benefits both mother and child

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

How do you deal with a restless 15 month old boy that insists on disrupting those about him while your 6 year old daughter is performing "Heidi" on stage? Perhaps you can ask your mother to do surrogate EFT to de-fuse the young boy's hyper-kinetic energy. This is what happened in this helpful story by Terry Fischer.

By Terry Fischer

Dear Gary,

I have been learning and doing EFT for a little over a year and it has greatly increased my sense of inner safety and joy.

I have been intrigued with the possibilities of surrogate EFT and very impressed with the help it has given to sick and injured people. Accordingly, I looked for a suitable situation in which I could apply surrogate EFT and get some feedback. I didn't have to wait long. No one was sick or injured but it was a distressing time for my family.

My daughter, who's been the sole parent of 3 children while her husband is in the military, called me from across the country close to tears. Her 6 year old had gotten the part of Heidi in the YMCA play. When it came time to rehearse in the big theater my daughter had to take all the children, including her 4 year old and the rambunctious 15 month old boy with her. The instant the 15 month old boy saw all the lovely ropes, props, ladders, and the end of the stage he was determined to get down and explore all of it. Her boy was very loud and vocal in his wish to explore. Each of the two previous times they went to rehearsal he kicked, screamed, wriggled and struggled to get out and about.

Then came the day of the play. My daughter said her baby sitting plans for that day had been canceled and she didn't think she could even stay in the theater much less be back stage where her "Heidi" needed her, plus she would miss the play.

So I asked her for times that she needed him to be quiet and promised that I would do surrogate EFT for his calmness. I did 10 minutes of EFT every 1/2 hour beginning 1/2 hour before the play and continued until 3/4 of the way through. After the second set I got very relaxed as I did the EFT on myself (I tapped as though I was him). I wondered if he had gone to sleep. I felt I was in the theater too and visualized him quietly relaxed against his mother's back.

What was interesting to me at my end was how strong the feeling of being there was. Even though I was sitting in my sunshine lit living room, the interior feeling of the darkness of the theater with only the stage lit was very intense. (I want to explore this idea more later).

My method for doing surrogate EFT was to say his name followed by: "Even though I want to yell and shout and run about I know Mommy loves me and I love sitting against her back or in the stroller." I used variations of "Even though I want to kick and scream, I'm a good kid; I love my sisters, they love me; I'm calm and content", etc.

After the play my daughter reported that she was the ONLY one with a child in that age range that DID NOT have to leave the theater. She had to take off his shoes because he wanted to kick the back pack braces, but she got to see the whole play and support her oldest daughter. A minor domestic situation to be sure but EFT made the day better for the whole family. The six year old reported over the phone later with a big smile in her voice that everyone said, "You did great." "Try it on everything" is one of the greatest things one can say about EFT. Oh yes, and "It works" is another.

Regards from a delighted student

Terry Fischer

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