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Persistent EFT relieves 40 year ankle/knee pain, bent finger and heartburn

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article by Alyson Raworth from Scotland is a testimony to the value of persistent EFT. She says, "He also tapped for severe heartburn, EFT'd and fixed it! He is a star performer and a credit to EFT. If only all clients were as committed!"

Hugs, Gary

By Alyson Raworth

Mr. P.H.
Intensity Level 10

This friend telephoned me one Sunday morning, knowing that I had recently been praising EFT, to help him with his sorry tale of the terrible 40 year pain he was in. He was at his wit's end and had taken procodomol for the pain.

When I arrived he was still at an intensity suds level of 10 and the pain was on his face even as he was sitting.

He had a motor cycle accident 40 years ago, which resulted in a badly broken ankle and knee cap, severe pain in his ankle and swelling with discoloration. He had been to surgeons and doctors but as the original break was so bad there was little could be done apart from painkillers. It appears that there were many small bones and fragments of bone and at that time the repair was not as successful as it would have been, if done now.

We went through the basic recipe a few times and the 9 gamut but I felt the pain, which was there all the time, was distracting him from concentrating.

After 5 rounds of tapping for "this bloody ankle pain" there was some slight difference. I used his words as he felt them. There were lots of swear words (doesn't bother me if it gives a result) and I took up his words for the affirmation.

"Even though this bloody pain is driving me mad, I completely love and accept the way I am".

"This shitty leg is killing me, but I accept and love myself anyway".

We spent an hour tapping through "his movie" and his intensity level went down to 6. I felt that he was tiring and we made an arrangement for a session the next day.

Next day after a bad night's sleep and having taken 2 procodamol the position improved and continued improving throughout the day without further pills. We tapped, as before, and this time the pain went down to 2.

I asked him to use the technique every time he went to the loo (bathroom), went to bed and when he woke up. He was amazed by his result and promised to do so.

One week and 2 sessions more he was still tapping and pain was much reduced, almost a zero. We were now working on the swelling.

He was over the moon at the results and is regularly tapping and spreading the word. The only time it rises above a one is when the weather is very damp. One month later pain is so reduced that procodamol is now eliminated and he still taps regularly. He showed his Daughter-in-law, who had trouble sleeping, what to tap and she has had excellent results too.

He started working with EFT on a bent finger which had no movement at all. When I saw him later he stated that after 3 day's tapping he now had movement and could wiggle it from side to side. He was elated!

He also tapped for severe heartburn, EFT'd and fixed it! He is a star performer and a credit to EFT. If only all clients were as committed!

Alyson Raworth from sunny Glasgow

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