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Other Physical Issues


Useful thoughts on tinnitus

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Mair Llewellyn from the UK provides helpful thoughts and guidelines regarding tinnitus. She says, "These are approaches that have helped clients to get on with their lives.  Clients often say I don’t even notice the sounds anymore or tinnitus is just not on my radar or it seems as if it is totally gone most of the time now.  In some cases it does go completely."

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn, EFTCert-Honors

This is a follow up from my article entitled Reducing the intrusive impact of tinnitus This article builds on ways to listen and respect messages from within as well as to switch off and neutralise some fearful or habitual alarm systems in our body.  Positive ways forward from this stance have been explored in this article.  These are approaches that have helped clients to get on with their lives.  Clients often say I don’t even notice the sounds anymore or tinnitus is just not on my radar or it seems as if it is totally gone most of the time now.  In some cases it does go completely.

Listening to messages from our body

Many clients with insight realise that the onset of tinnitus followed a considerable amount of stress.  In many circumstances they acknowledge that they had pushed themselves past a reasonable tolerance level. In view of this, it is essential for each and every one of us to be taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing.  Self awareness of what is a valid message is an important ongoing process. If this is something you know happened it is important to do some EFT tapping on the whole process of this and forgiveness of self and others at the same time.

Installing positive beliefs about health

In many cases tinnitus can follow on from a physical problem such as an ear infection or sinusitis.  After the physical problem cleared up a client notices that they are left with tinnitus.  Physical hearing tests and other tests such as an MRI scan frequently come back clear yet the client still has tinnitus.  In circumstances such as this it would appear that the brain or perception gets into a loop and the unconscious mind goes looking for the sounds.  Using EFT to clear that loop is an important way forward.  Finding out clients’ conscious logical beliefs about their tinnitus requires EFT help too.

Here are a few examples of set up phrases that clients have found helpful. They were in the words of the client and not my interpretation of their perception:-

Even though I’ve had the physical checks, I still believe the consultant is missing something – I deeply and completely respect my head and ear noise because it feels distress.

More in depth work was done here on the negative belief.  We found that bringing that negative belief down helped tremendously.  It followed on with a positive change in the belief the client had after the tapping which was – “My inner unconscious has recovered so, I consciously don’t need to be involved”

Even though I hate this tinnitus and I’m fighting to get rid of it, what if there’s a better more loving approach? – I’m open to learning what that is.

I respect my unconscious for this sound focus – no wonder,  its so damn insistent, I want to be free of this loop of fear -  what if doing my tapping can switch off this irrelevant alarm system somehow.

Even though the consultant said I needed to learn to live with tinnitus and the thought of doing that for the rest of my life seem intolerable, I respect my understandable impatience, I am doing the best I can. Being more tolerant of myself could be the difference which makes the difference.

Retraining the brain to notice other stimuli

The focus of our attention is key to our success.  It is not reasonable to suggest to a tinnitus client to ignore the sound.  Yet, we know where thought goes, energy flows.  We have also been taught that what we resist persists – maybe just maybe that is the philosophy behind the consultant’s message of learning to live with tinnitus.  However, we have this amazing brain and no one has told us how to use it.  I am passionate about providing stepping stones and strategies to help client to utilize more and more of their untapped potential.

At the beginning of the previous paragraph I mentioned that focus is key and where thought goes energy flows.  In effect we need our energy to be directed towards pleasure in our lives rather than the pain/frustration of the tinnitus.  That is easier during the day when there is more going on therefore evening and night times are often difficult times.  Under a number of headings below I have given some possible ways to focus.  Practising gentleness and love without any conditions during this process is fundamental to its success.  The sections below provide opportunities to channel the programming of our brain.

Auditory stimuli

Many clients notice that natural sounds or indeed any sound is a useful foil for them especially during the day.  When they are less busy in the evening or wishing to drift into peaceful sleep at night it is a very different matter.  Despite this, clients have become extremely adept at noticing what they can focus on.  One client discovered she could love and welcome the sound of her husband previously irritating snoring!  Innovative clients learn to make improvements in their own breathing routine thereby providing enhanced breathing and a positive focus on the sound of their calming breath too.  Still others say they go to a remembered waterfall or enjoy a favourite sound in their imagination.  These unlimited possibilities can bring an avenue to explore especially when it is done with self love and tolerance.

Our inner conversation points us in a chosen direction whether it is consciously or unconsciously considered or not.  Bruce Lipton says “Our perception informs our biology” and, as we are wanting something difference from what is currently happening this is a very worthwhile inroad to transformation especially when it is used in conjunction with EFT.  Think of how you are thinking and feeling and ask yourself if that is what you are wanting.  If it is not then ask yourself what you would rather think and feel instead.  For instance if you feel that you cannot look forward to the future at present with tinnitus ranting in the background what would be preferable?  For example thinking outside the box with the Set Up Statement “In the evening when I’m relaxing I’m so grateful at how peaceful my world is”.   Reminder phrase:  “My peaceful world”. Tapping whilst saying affirmations like this will clear out the tail-enders and yes buts far more effectively than repetition alone would ever do.

Visual stimuli

We have only so much attention for the tinnitus so directing our attention respectfully elsewhere achieves a shift within the mind and body in any given direction.  Many of us have driven on a familiar route and have not noticed a landmark or walked passed someone without intending to be rude.  Using this natural habit can successfully help in retraining our brain and will pays dividends in our lives.  Another way of thinking of this is some people feel their cup is half empty and other people feel it is half full.  The cup is the same, the difference is in our point of view on anything.  Fortunately for all of us we have images of places, people and experiences which are their in the archives of our mind to connect to again.  Write down five to seven recollections, in no particular order which are humorous, happy or touching.

For a few days in your imagination visit one of these people, places and experiences and really make a meaningful connection.  Use EFT to help to clear out self doubts about being able to do this.  Then link each recollection with a colour, sound, image or feeling so that as you practise revisiting this it will be there literally at your finger tips.  Many clients I know even use seven memories and link them to the days of the week so that they can access them by thinking it’s my Monday theme this evening.  This means that each subject has the same amount of associative work done on each pleasant memory.

After a day or two move onto the second item in your list and do the same with that and place that alongside a colour, sound, image or feeling which is specific to that experience too.  Before very long you will have images which can help you and they may frequently bring with them sounds and feelings as well.  All of these methods which have a meditative quality can be extremely helpful especially in the evening and at night.  Clients tell me that it helps them to be much more in control of what is happen to them in a calmer and more peaceful way.

Sensory stimuli

Enjoying the pleasant sensory stimuli of taste, touch and smell can transport us to another level of well being.  Remembered sensory stimuli can also evoke similar benefits.  Visiting places, events and memories in the same way as recommended for visual stimuli can and does have wonderful effects.

In the evening or at night time or in any ‘here-and-now’ time be very present with your bodies sensations really notice where you feel comfort, warmth and well being as you heighten your awareness in a positive way it directs the mind to more of the same. Doing EFT tapping on any distractions or frustration can profoundly paves the way to the possibility of this happening.

Creating peace of mind

Having the thought that you prefer peace to this becomes a great part to actually creating peace of mind.  You will notice when you watch Gary Craig’s DVD’s that he uses this phrase during EFT treatments.   You may want to do the same for how tinnitus affects you. Perhaps something like: “Even though my tinnitus ……………….I prefer peace to this”.   In asking we receive abundantly more that we ever thought possible.  May two thousand and nine bring an abundance of peace, love and joy into your life.

Mair Llewellyn


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