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EFT speeds the healing of this child's burn? The doctors and parents were surprised

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia from Canada uses EFT to promote faster healing for a 14 month old girl. In the larger picture, EFT often accelerates the healing of a wide variety of injuries. This should be of particular interest to athletes. Please consult physicians on all physical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia

Hello Gary,

I have seen EFT being applied for so many things and bringing wonderful results for so many people, but it still amazes me. I cannot and would not share all the stories because otherwise I would just be typing day in and day out for a couple of days. But here is a recent one which I think needs a mention.

This is a case of a 14 month old child of a colleague. She (Jia) recently burned herself severely while she decided to help herself to have some tea from a cup which just had boiling tea poured in it. She burnt the inside of her right arm, the right side of her chest and the side of the tummy. The first layer of the skin had come off and she had pink coloured wounds over a large area of her body.

She was taken to the emergency of the children's hospital where they gave her a bandage with a silver foil which they said would last longer and is different from the regular bandage which needs to be changed every two days. The doctors said it will be less painful and she should be brought in again after a week or so.

However the bandage slipped from its place and was changed twice in a span of 5 days, it started smelling weird too so the parents took her back twice in a week. The doctors, when they took off the bandage second time, commented that the burns were not looking good and were more severe than they had thought earlier. They could not give a time frame as to how long it would take but thought it would take pretty long to heal.

So Jia was given a bandage, a pain killer and something for fever and sent back home. The parents were worried so I invited them over for doing some EFT. There were 5 people; the parents of Jia, me and my wife and another friend. All of us know Jia and the family pretty well as we frequently interact and of course have fun with the little one.

First of all I asked what everyone felt about the situation and the possibilities. I also asked everyone to keep on tapping (surrogately for Jia) from one point to another (beginning from KC and then Top of the head to EB and so on) while listening to others and/or speaking themselves. This I felt important to do as everyone there was directly involved in the situation where we saw the burn. They were even at the hospital on the day the incident happened.

Then I narrowed in on the parents and asked them to describe the incident and if they could describe what would she (Jia) have felt or her reactions. Then I had everyone tap on all the points.

Even though I don't know what happened but it was so hot and painful...
Even though my parents shouted and I was afraid...
Even though everyone was acting crazy and no one was able to provide any relief...
Even though the doctors and nurses were so intimidating...

(This was specifically done because the parents said that as soon as she entered the hospital she had a dreaded fearful expression and she started crying loudly.) So we tapped on all these things and anything that came to my mind and also tapped on parents personal feelings. I ended it with a what if statement:

Even though I have burnt myself severely and the doctors say that it is going to take very long for the healing to take place, what if I could now be free and clear of the pain and these wounds and invoke my internal healing powers.

This all lasted 1.5 - 2 hrs and the child was sleeping all though this surrogate session in the mother's lap. They had to go to the hospital one day after for a change of bandage and examination and when the bandages were opened everyone was AMAZED, SUPRISED at the healing that had taken place and the difference in two days.The parents were pleasantly surprised too.

Another thing that they said was that Jia didn't cry while entering the hospital. She cried eventually when the bandages were opened, but she seemed to be more at ease with the entire process and the dread that they had seen in her eyes previously was not there.

So hats off to EFT and thanks for sharing the wonder. Oh and she has completely recovered within three weeks from the day she was hurt and about two weeks from the time when the doctors thought it would take a pretty long time to heal. I am sure the little one is sending you her thanks too.

Best Regards,



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