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Using EFT to dramatically shorten injury recovery time

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

John Ford gives us this EFT example where his inexperienced client applies EFT to himself for a sprained ankle. His recovery is almost immediate instead of the week or two that one would normally expect. This may seem somewhat routine to experienced EFT'ers but let me pound the table here and mega-emphasize the importance of this to sports teams. To have even a few of their numerous sports injuries make such dramatic turnarounds is worth a small fortune.

John Ford, ND, CHt., EFT-ADV

Hi Gary,

I have been doing EFT for just over two years and have had great success both for myself and clients. I thought I would share this most recent experience with you.

Bill, a friend of mine, telephoned me Saturday morning to say that he had to change some plans we had made for Sunday because he had sprained his ankle. The swelling was immediate and severe.

On Saturday morning when I was talking with him his ankle was still severely swollen and he described the pain as throbbing. He needed crutches to get around and expected that he would be off work for at least a few days.

I had introduced EFT to Bill a few months earlier and thus suggested that he "tap" for the swelling and pain in his ankle. I did not actually work with him on the phone but, instead, gave him EFT instructions to do on his own. I simply advised him to tap on the EB, UN, CH and CB points and at the same time focus on the pain that he was experiencing. He assured me that he would not have a problem with the latter.

He tapped again a few times Saturday afternoon and evening for the swelling and pain. When he woke up Sunday morning and put his feet to the floor he realized that there was no throbbing in his ankle. Furthermore, there was no swelling. Later that day he went to hockey game and had to walk three blocks from where he parked his car to the arena and back. However, there was no swelling or pain in his ankle.

On Monday morning Bill called me at 8 AM. He was at work. In fact, he had driven there on his motorcycle. He then explained that, when he woke up, his crutches were beside the bed so he thought he would use them to stand up. While sitting on the edge of the bed he started to bend his foot/ankle and realized that he could do so without pain. Except for some minor stiffness (which disappeared after he stretched his ankle) he was able to get up and walk around, without the crutches, totally pain free. No swelling...No pain...No discoloration.

I asked him if he could explain the quick recovery and he said, "It had to be the tapping because I didn't do anything else."


John Ford, ND, CHt., EFT-ADV


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