Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT

EFT offers great healing benefits.

Deepak Chopra, MD

Gary Craig Certified Official EFT™ Masters

(Fully Certified in both Gold Standard EFT Tapping™ and Optimal EFT™)



If you want some help resolving your issues with EFT, including the use of our latest advancement Optimal EFT, these are the professionals I recommend!

They are the only ones to have been (1) trained in Gold Standard EFT Tapping from the source and (2) are certified from the source in Optimal EFT. In addition, they continue to use the proper forms of EFT in their practice, rather than adding in potentially distorted modalities and variations from the internet.

While they have different specialties, most of these practitioners can perform EFT for you via telephone, Skype, Zoom or other means. Thus, you may not need to leave your own home for this high quality EFT experience. Highly recommended.

To obtain professional training at this level of quality, please visit our Certification Page. You can also become a member of our popular Optimal EFT Course.

Gary Craig, EFT Founder


Sheri Baker, EFT Practitioner

Sheri Baker

EFT & Spiritual Coach
Jacksonville, FL, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Relationships, Stress Management, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

I am pleased to serve as Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the English language. On behalf of the founder, I teach the Complete EFT Curriculum (Optimal EFT, The Unseen Therapist, and Gold Standard EFT). I also use these techniques in private sessions to release a variety of emotional and physical issues via Zoom, Skype, or phone so no travel is involved. I offer my self-paced online study program, Tapping Into the Truth — The Healing Power of Integrating A Course in Miracles with EFT, on my website, and serve as co-host with Gary Craig on the Optimal EFT webinars.

Jamie Munney, EFT Practitioner

Jamie Munney, M.Sc.

Root Healings
Palmdale, California, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Women, Domestic Violence, Stress Management, Physical Issues and Emotional Issues

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep compassion for people and their struggles. As a child, I could sense the pain in others, see the hurt in their eyes, and felt deep connections with humankind. As I got older, I developed an intense interest in all types of psychology, started taking classes at the age of 14 and never stopped! My self-healing journey started in the early 2000s when I fell in love with metaphysics, including natural health & energy healing. I have been on a deep spiritual journey ever since, reading hundreds of metaphysical & self-development books over the yea

Preeti  Roy, EFT Practitioner

Preeti Roy

Miracle Shift into Love
Sydney, NSW, AU Visit Website
General Practice

♥“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”― Max Planck.♥ Are you ready to release the energetic disruptions that lead to negative emotions and limitations? EFT is the answer! To enable your freedom of mind body and spirit. To set you free to be who you really want to be! EFT has been a miracle in my life and I look forward to working with you, sharing that healing blessing! Together we can solve underlying causes of problems, be they psychological or physical. The possibilities for freedom are unlimited! :-) Sessions online via ZOOM or Interne

Alja Hopkins, EFT Practitioner

Alja Hopkins, Social Work, BSW

Coherence Personal Counselling with Alya
Coffs Harbour , NSW, AU Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Children, Children, Childhood , Childhood , PTSD, PTSD, Anxiety, Anxiety, Physical Issues and Physical Issues

My clinical experience as a health professional, social worker expand over two decades. It was only after I started using EFT in my work that I felt truly helpful to my clients by utilising healing. I am inspired and passionate about helping people to live to their full potential. I have expertise in a range of areas: trauma relief, resiliency, PTSD, including complex PTSD, maternal health, anxiety, general health to name a few. Sessions are available online (Zoom, English & Slovene speaking) and in person. I offer clinical supervision and mentoring to professional using EFT.

Marcia Pinneau, EFT Practitioner

Marcia Pinneau, M.Sc. (Nursing)

Phoenix, Oregon, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Children, Childhood , PTSD, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

I love my life now that I’ve discovered EFT, and I love helping others use EFT to find the peace and oneness that is our natural inheritance. I’m a retired RN since 2020, and a spiritual seeker since my twenties: one who just couldn’t resolve the feeling that I just was “not good enough”. My restless seeking ended when I found the Unseen Therapist. In 2023 I'm certified as a Gary Craig Certified Official EFT™ Master. I work online from the Pacific time zone. Email me to get started at

Gabriëlle Rutten, EFT Practitioner

Gabriëlle Rutten, MD

EFT in English | Nederlands
Only via Zoom, Europe, NL Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Abuse , PTSD, Physical Issues, Emotional Issues and Addictions

I am a medical doctor by training but I have abandoned 'practicing medicine' completely. I do Zoom consultations (in English) with people from all over the world. My fee is 150 euro / hour. I also offer supervision to EFT professionals. ***** Ik heb een medische achtergrond, maar gebruik uitsluitend EFT voor elke denkbare klacht. Ik doe EFT via Zoom. Mijn tarief is 150 euro / uur.

Arrian Walter, EFT Practitioner

Arrian Walter

Worland, WY, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Children, Physical Issues, Emotional Issues, Performance Issues and Body Image

My previous career allowed me to witness firsthand the link between stuck emotional issues and the manifestation of physical problems. It was my desire to help people at the root of their issues--rather than just the physical symptom--that led me to EFT. Since learning EFT, I've been truly blessed to witness the change that it can make in people's lives...and I'm looking forward to working with you to positively change yours. Sessions are available online (Skype, Zoom, etc.) or over the phone.

Sonia Novinsky, EFT Practitioner

Sonia Novinsky, Phd

EFT in Portuguese
São Paulo, SP, BR Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Relationships, Stress Management, Business, Anxiety and Pain

Sonia W Novinsky, Phd, Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center in Brazil. I have been working in Sea Ranch directly with Gary Craig since the year 2000 and I have been working as a therapist since 1990. At my personal office I take care of young people and adults on line or in person, in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I am also teaching Official EFT for Certification ( Gold and Optimal ) in trainings with Gary Craig for Portuguese speaking people. I offer Webinars and Supervision. You can contact me in my whatsapp: +5511999941415. or

Alison Brock, EFT Practitioner

Alison Brock

Ely, Cambridgeshire, GB Visit Website
General Practice

I am passionate about helping my clients release stress, anxiety and emotional distress caused by significant life challenges. My own challenges (including a breast cancer diagnosis) served as my wakeup call, leading me to study and master EFT, which has enabled me to take charge of my own emotional health. I feel inspired to share what I have learned with others, so that they too can experience more peace and find their joy. I work with clients of all ages across the world via Zoom.

Alain von der Weid, EFT Practitioner

Alain von der Weid

EFTSuisse, Healco SL
Genève, GE, CH Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in OCD, Phobias, Stress Management, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

Co-fondateur d'EFTsuisse en 2004, ma longue expérience de formateur en la méthode fait qu'aujourd'hui j'ai l'honneur et le plaisir de diriger le Centre de formation en Official EFT de Gary Craig pour la langue française. Ma pratique privée continue cependant, et c'est volontiers que je vous apporte mon aide experte pour dépasser vos problèmes de vie. Consultations en français par Skype ou Zoom.

Claudio Savarin, EFT Practitioner

Claudio Savarin, Md Psychologist

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, AR Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in PTSD, Anxiety, Physical Issues, Emotional Issues and Performance Issues

I am a psychologist and a medical doctor. I have more than 20 years experience in the psychotherapy field. I am the Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center in Spanish Language. I help people through their healing process with EFT in consultation (in English and Spanish). I also give EFT trainings and professional supervision. You can contact me at or via whatsapp +5491154650800.

Diane von der Weid, EFT Practitioner

Diane von der Weid

EFTSuisse, Healco SL
Geneva, GE, CH Visit Website
General Practice

Codirector of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers for the French and Italian languages and co-founder of EFTsuisse in 2004, I have trained more than a thousand EFT practitioners in my country and abroad over the years. With either Gold Standard EFT or Optimal EFT I can help you break free from old thinking habits and negative life patterns : live your life to the fullest by changing the way you invest your time and energy! Private sessions via Skype or Zoom in English, French, Italian.

Helle Gylling, EFT Practitioner

Helle Gylling, M.Sc.

Peace With EFT
Hendersonville, NC, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Childhood , Grief/Bereavement, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Come find peace from your anxiety, pain, grief, guilt and shame. I know what it is like to be in such emotional pain that you feel like you cannot go on for one more second ---- when fear or grief or anxiety takes you over. I know powerlessness, hopelessness, grief. I have devoted my life to first my own healing, and then to heal others. People come to me with their deepest pain, their shame, their guilt, their grief and their deepest fears because I've been there! Now, let me help you out of that darkness into a life of greater peace. I speak English and Danish (Denmark)