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Serious Diseases

Asthma Relief

84 year old grandfather gains relief from asthma and COPD

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is glowing evidence that emotional issues are often behind serious physical problems...even for the elderly. Watch how Gillian Wightman from the UK expertly applies EFT for her 84 year old grandfather with first class results on his breathing difficulties. My hope is that you will give stories like these to your physicians. EFT often works where nothing else will. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Gillian Wightman EFT-CC, EFT-ADV

Hello Gary,

I have had many wonderful results with EFT both personally and professionally since I discovered it three years ago but I felt today moved to share this story as it means so much to me. I have had permission to share the part of the story relating to my grandfather.

Last week I had been tapping on my fear of sharing EFT with my 84 year old grandfather as I wasn't sure what he would think of it. On the same day I had spent a considerable amount of time with him and noticed he had not drunk anything at all during this time.

He has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and severe kidney problems. I have often encouraged him to drink plenty water but he told me he can't drink water. I asked him, emboldened after my tapping, to consider that there might be an emotional reason why not. He seemed willing to listen and we discussed reasons, bad water during the war etc.

I asked him to look at the glass of water and focus on what he felt. Almost immediately he was aware of a deep feeling of fear in the pit of his stomach and his chest tightening and he had a memory of drowning during the war. In a storm he had been pitched out of a small boat and trapped underneath and was too weak to do anything to help himself but just at the last minute, as he felt his lungs would burst he found some strength to push the boat up.

He rated his 0-10 feeling of fear at this point at being 10. After using EFT his fear came down to zero very quickly and he looked at his glass of water and told me he felt he could drink it. He drank the water with no problem (first full glass of water he has drunk in over half a century without gagging and choking) and was aware immediately that he wanted more water, a feeling he had never had before.

He also retold the whole story with no rising of emotion. This result impressed him as he had said he initially thought it sounded like a load of rubbish (my fears were not unfounded!!) as I was explaining it to him but he was willing to listen to anything that worked even though he thought it wouldn't/couldn't.

I told him I had read an article on how EFT was good for CPOD and asthma and could we maybe try a little on his breathing. He really can hardly breathe, it is painful listening to him. He felt if 10 was the best he could breathe then he was at a 1, if that.

We did some rounds of tapping for breathing difficulties and we raised it to a three and he could really feel the difference. So I decided to go for it!! I gently put my hand on his chest and asked him if there was an emotional reason for his breathing difficulties what would it be. Immediately he started to tell me about finding out his mum was dead when he was 16. He felt he wanted to die too and that feeling was still there after all this time. He rated the feeling at a 10+.

We tapped on:

"even though I wanted to die too"

"even though I was too young to lose my mum, I was still a little boy and had to become a man too soon"

"even though I wanted to die in the war and didn't care how many people I killed because of losing my mum""even though I am still alive despite all this and don't know if I want to be"

I didn't write it down at the time so the rest is hazy but I just used the things he was saying. He was brilliant, I just tapped and he kept talking. He said his breathing was improved by 90% and the pressure in his head and heaviness in his chest that he had carried all this time was gone and that he could think of his mum with some sadness but none of the other feelings he had got in touch with.

He asked if he could learn EFT to work himself on other memories but he felt he had just worked on the most important emotional issue of his whole life. Two days later I met a friend who had been with grandad and commented on the amazing improvement in my grandfather's breathing, which is noticeable to everyone.

When I visited him three days later he proudly reported he was drinking up to 5 glasses of water a day and is working up to 8 and he hasn't used his inhaler since and was feeling great. He said to me, you know that thing we tapped on, I can't even think about it any more and more importantly he has noticed that he does not think about dying any more.

I have to be honest and say that I had to do a fair amount of tapping on my guilt at not having tried this sooner for him but realise that timing is everything sometimes.

Gillian Wightman



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