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Serious Diseases


Progress on a difficult cancer case

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Francoise Vache from France helps her client with cancer. At one point during this work in progress she says, "Months later, the doctors postponed the planned breast operation for two months, again very puzzled about the marked improvement in healthy cells and her overall condition." Please consult physicians on all medical conditions.

Hugs, Gary

By Françoise Vaché

I would like to share the following with you and the EFT family. Thanks to this wonderful tool I have been able to help my 49-year old friend Lisa (not her real name), who was facing a whole series of alarming health and personal problems not long ago.

Recently, Lisa and I were already tapping on terrible migraines she had suffered for years as well as low blood pressure and lifelong constipation. But to make things worse she was diagnosed with an infectious meningitis! This was the time when I offered her to do EFT on a more regular basis (several times per week). At about that time she also learnt that she had a very complex breast cancer.

She had already changed her food habits and saw an acupuncturist-energy-physician. The doctors wanted to intervene with an operation straight away, which could not have been done as she also suffered from an inflammation of the fibrous sac of the heart (pericarditis)

So as all these extremely serious health problems piled up and her whole life had come to a kind of standstill, we just got to work and proceeded in "chopping one tree at a time"..

To start with, Lisa, as a trained NLP coach, created a mental script where she boosted her healthy cells, by supplying them with boxing gloves, boots, helmets, knives and guns - to go out and kill the cancerous ones. She programmed herself and played this mental movie in her head every day - imaging the healthy cells becoming more and more, winning over the nasty, cancerous ones.
She also negotiated with the doctors supervising her to give her until September before considering surgery and also without her needing to undergo any chemotherapy, or radiotherapy for the time being. The doctors agreed but insisted that she would do tests from time to time to check up on the progress of the illness. As the weeks went by and we worked on "one tree at a time", doctors were very intrigued and confused by the fact that the cancerous cells were significantly decreasing!

During the 15 past years Lisa had to face a lot of difficult issues: A past divorce, the job loss as a manager in an international company, significant financial set-backs, a previous cancer of the uterus, a NDE (Near Death Experience), the grief of raising her schizophrenic daughter on her own... there was so much that had piled up over the years.

As the sessions went by we started tapping on her difficult childhood: A lot of sadness came up as she connected to the young girl who had to work on her father's farm since an early age and looking after her younger sister as her own mother was too depressed to take care of her kids. We worked on her relationship with her father, who tried to rape her when she was 10. We used the mental movie technique and she visualized a whole scene where her father told her that he would have preferred a boy rather than a girl: as boys never complain. He would tease her, telling her that she was "flat-chested" anyway - so not difficult for her to link this back to her present breast cancer and the threat of having both breasts removed.

Months later, the doctors postponed the planned breast operation for two months, again very puzzled about the marked improvement in healthy cells and her overall condition. Lisa who has been married to an extremely difficult and demanding man for the previous ten years (her husband being almost the age of her father), realized at that time that in order to get better she needed a more up-lifting and healing environment than her present set-up at home.

We therefore tapped on her finding a convalescent home, which she could afford - not an easy endeavor considering her tight financial situation. But the magic of the universe just started unfolding and after several days of tapping on her deserving to find an affordable and suitable place to rest and heal, her health insurance company out of the blue offered her a place to stay - for the next couple of months .

Lisa is doing so much better now. The doctors went ahead to remove her right breast, but the operation has been much less drastic than had been planned all those months previous, and she has been recovering remarkably quickly. My friend has found an energy and sparkle that had been gone for so many years. She has virtually no headaches anymore and her self-confidence and optimism amazes everybody around her.

Although she still has lots and lots of issues to work on, it all seems manageable today. Somehow she has become invincible, a sort of Peter Pan equipped with a magic wand, no one can take away from her. She uses EFT on a daily basis, patiently chopping away her trees and creating more and more space around her - she now has the energy and vision to prepare moving away from her stifling husband and I have no doubt that she will succeed!

I feel so astounded and happy to have been able to help my friend in such a profound and concrete way and she now masters an extremely effective tool to face one challenge after the other. Thank you so much, Gary, for having shared this magical method with us - the tapping community is becoming bigger and bigger every day...MERCI!!!!

Greetings from France

Françoise Vaché

PS: as it took me time before sending a proper version of the story (checking language with an Anglophone friend) we had additional good news: My friend's lymph nodes under her arms started to be swelling and doctors thought they will have to remove them as they might be cancerous. So we tapped again on:

Even though these nodes worry me...
Even though I'm scared these nodes may be cancerous...
Even though I'm doubtful I can heal these lymph nodes, I choose to be confident I can heal them as wonderfully as I healed the breast cancers.
...I choose to offer the K.cells the same helmets, boots and gloves and guns to kill the cancerous cells.

Within 15 days the lymph nodes reduced just enough to hear the Doctors say" Your cancer is stabilized - just go ahead! (they knew she was doing "strange things" , but didn't want to know what it really was.) Nothing to say except, thank you Gary for being so generous.


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