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Serious Diseases


After 3 months of EFT, Stage 3 uterine cancer is gone and she

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Bernice Vergou from Australia gives us the highlights of a successful cancer remission using EFT. Notice how the underlying emotional cause was so intense that Bernice had to "sneak up on it" because her client "couldn't go there." Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Bernice Vergou, EFT-ADV

Dear Gary,

I have used EFT personally and professionally for about 5 years.  I had the unique opportunity of taking EFT to Germany 2 years ago, where I worked in a natural therapy cancer clinic for a doctor I know.  I gained such experience there that now most of my patients are ones with serious disease. The use of EFT in this field is incredible - I know of several cases where complete recovery has

Successful cancer recovery using EFT

MAIN POINTS – Female client, 38 years of age: Client had success with a physical issue first (i.e. stopped bleeding within 24 hours)This gave her confidence to continue tapping.  I paced the tapping at the client’s level, by sneaking up on the core issue, i.e. Even though I just can’t go there…  then, Even though I still can’t go there…  So, small increments at a time brought results.

This client first saw me some weeks after she had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Uterine cancer.  Heavy bleeding had prompted her to seek medical advice.  A complete hysterectomy was recommended, to be performed immediately.

The woman had a good knowledge of biodynamic agriculture, so chose to defer the operation for 3 months, during which she would look at other options.  Her doctors reluctantly agreed to give her a 3-month period before the recommended surgery.

The client put herself on the Breuss Juice Fast (organic juices and herb teas only for 6 weeks).  Her bleeding continued, which was a concern.

She had 4 children (aged 15 years to 9 years) and a history of postnatal depression after her second child.  Her youngest child was born with a severe sub-cutaneous hemangioma condition and required continual medical treatment.

At this client’s first appointment with me, I suggested that a contributing factor to her uterine cancer could be the trauma involving her youngest child.  I based this on the experience I acquired while working in Germany in an alternative therapy cancer clinic 2 years ago.  While I was overseas, I also attended a “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You” conference in London, and there I was exposed to the work of Dr. Hamer, who believes that underneath every case of cancer lies an unresolved emotional trauma.

She nodded, to acknowledge that the cancer could be connected to the trauma regarding the youngest child, but at the same time put her hands up in front of her face in defense, shook her head and said emphatically, “I can’t even go there!” 

In other words, the event was still so traumatic she could not even think about it without extreme distress.  (She later explained that when a social worker in a hospital had suggested to her that she needed to talk about the situation, she had an emotional breakdown, and she didn’t want to risk repeating this.)

So, I suggested she tap, every day for a week, using the setup Even though I can’t even go there, (her exact words) I love and accept myself, without judgment.  She was also experiencing heavy bleeding, which was exhausting her, so I suggested she tap for Even though I just can’t stop this bleeding and it feels like my life force is just pouring out of me, I love and accept that my body, in its wisdom, will take care of stopping this for me (or something to that effect).

The bleeding stopped by the next day!  A week later she told me she “still couldn’t go there.” So I said, That’s fine – now just tap for, Even though I STILL can’t go there… which she did.

The week after this, she cautiously said, “This week, I’ve been able to actually ‘think’ about it without crying…”  So I said, “Good, while you are thinking about it, let’s tap for it.” 

She was lying on the massage table, having a magnet therapy treatment, and immediately began crying uncontrollably, so I asked permission and tapped on her.  No setup was needed as the emotion was right there!  She calmed down after a few rounds of tapping, and then cried again, this time about her perceived lack of support at the time of the crisis. 

I continued to tap on her, and she told me that at the time of the birth of her 4th child, she had 3 other little children, and her husband, in order to maintain the family financially, went away working at his job as a helicopter pilot.  She had felt isolated and a burden on friends, who had to mind the other children while she stayed in hospital with the infant.  Within a few minutes this was released, and her relationship with her husband and sons became very close as a result of her releasing this trauma.

This woman continued with EFT at home, and a healthy diet and detox regime.  Four months after we started working together, she attended the local hospital for pathology tests (scrapings of the uterine wall) and was declared to be free of cancer, much to her delight and the surprise of her doctors, who were confident she would still need surgery.

One month later, this report was signed and verified by the client, with permission for this story to be shared with others in need of reassurance that a complete recovery can be achieved, without the intervention of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Follow-up:  After hearing that the client had received the “all-clear” from the doctor, I offered her some free sessions.  She was then also in the process of packing up to move interstate.  She laughed and said that she tells everybody that “Bernice tricked me into tapping for … (her child)!” She then told me that while driving to my clinic for her 3rd session, she had made up her mind she was NEVER going to tap regarding her son, because the memories were too painful, but she is very glad she did!

It is now 2 years since this took place.  The woman rang me to keep in touch about a month ago, and is still in excellent health. 

Bernice Vergou, EFT-ADV


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