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Serious Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis

Dissolving MS symptoms with EFT--and a good look at the cause

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This in-depth article by Cacina Spaeth from Germany shows us several things: (1) the power of authorities (doctors, in this case) over our emotions and our belief systems, (2) the use of emotional work in reducing symptoms, (3) a contrast between the medical view of MS and the consideration of emotional causes. Read it carefully. There is much to learn here. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Cacina Spaeth

Dear Gary,

Today I want to share a phenomenal EFT success I was allowed to experience with a woman who has Multiple Sclerosis. And even though this "incurable disease" seems to be the topic of the story... I encourage everyone who doubts the potential and powers of EFT to read what I'm about to write.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called to ask if I would be willing to try EFT with a friend of his. This friend (Sabine) had just been diagnosed by medical experts with Multiple Sclerosis. Since she lives too far away from me I agreed to try EFT by phone if Sabine would be up for that. The following is a description of what happened in the 2 EFT phone sessions we had.

1st EFT session:

Roughly 2 weeks before this phone talk she had been to the hospital. They tested and checked her from head to toe, and finally announced to her that 1) she has MS, 2) that she has to accept the inevitable fact of soon being in a wheel chair, 3) that there is no cure, and 4) that there would be no point in having any hope since the result of spending the rest of her days in a wheel chair would be inevitable. Having to digest such a diagnosis by medical experts I was amazed that this woman in the beginning of her 40s was willing to talk to me at all.

Sabine had no idea whatsoever about EFT. And so I gave her a brief introduction on the phone, and then we began.

I asked her about her current symptoms:

Total numbness in her hands and feet, a tingling, painful sensation in her arms, weakness in her legs, headache, stiff neck, Asthma (additionally she's a smoker), tremendous stress and anxiety (due to the medical diagnosis, but also for financial reasons). She also told me that the numbess in her hands and fingers is so severe that she has to use her long finger nails as claws, since this is the only way for her to grab anything. What a thought!

To my question "Which of your symptoms is the most disturbing to you right now?", she answered, "The pain in my arms." (0-10 intensity of 4). And so we tapped. Karate chop: "Even though I have this tingling pain in my underarms, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself", followed by a short cut round.

I asked Sabine to check the pain again, and noticed that she cried. After some time she began to stumble: "This feels so wonderful. The tingling is still there, but the pain is less, and now the tingling seems to be energy rather than pain. It feels more alive. And I'm crying, because I'm simply so happy to feel ANYTHING good in my arms. This is so wonderful..."

When she had calmed down more, her pain was at a 2 to 3. We went on, starting again on the Karate chop, followed by a short cut round:

"Even though I have this remaining pain tingling in my underarms, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. This remaining tingling, this remaining pain..." After that round she said she was maybe at a 2 (which seems to be no headway), but her emotional status had brightened considerably, and she was all happy and joyful. We did a 3rd round: "Even though I STILL have some of this tingling pain left, I love and accept myself the way I am, and I allow myself to release what's left. I don't need this pain anymore. I want to be completely over this pain...." Boof. Down to zero. You should have heard her, Gary. She was crying, melting, giggling, laughing... all at the same time. :)

Since she had a long list of physical symptoms I went on to ask her: "Ok, what do you want to work on now?" Now Sabine chose the weakness in her legs (intensity level of 6). Karate chop point, followed by a short cut round: "Even though my legs feel so weak, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.... This weakness in my legs. They feel so weak. It feels as if they're not really mine. This weakness in my legs. This weakness in my legs..." Down to a 4 to 5. But now she was aware that the weakness was mainly in and around her knees. So we went on tapping for the weakness in her knees. Down to a 3, but now she had become aware of yet another thing:

"You know what I just realized?" she asked. "All my life has been very tough. My childhood was terrible, I'm a single mom, I have no money, my relationship isn't working... -- and suddenly I realize how often I thought by myself during the last months, how fed up I am with always having to be strong. Never being able to just let go and be weak. Always having to be the one who has to stand strong despite whatever life throws at me.... Often times during these past few months I was so angry, so sad, so completely done with this kind of life that I cried out that 'I, too, want to be weak! I, too, wanna be able to let go, and be carried. I wanna be taken care for. And I don't want to have to be strong all the time. I long for that it's ok for me, too, to be weak...' And now my legs are weak!! Now I CAN'T stand strong even if I want to. And if it goes on like that I WILL be carried soon. Wow! Can this be true??..."

Sabine really grasped the magnitude of her discovery. She recognized and was at the same time in awe about how her body had simply taken literally what she had wished for. All I did during her realization was to give her the time and space to let her increasing awareness unfold. When this process had calmed down a bit I asked her to check the weakness in her knees now. It had dropped to a 2.

Not sure if or how to proceed from here (to go on with the remaining weakness in her legs, to bring the session to a close, or whatever else) but my intuition lead me to ask Sabine: "What do you need now?" I was surprised when she replied: "Now my stiff neck is really bothering me. I'm used to it always aching, and that I'm always limited in the degree to which I can move my head. But now it's really bothering me." Sabine estimated it at a level 4 (I had expected an 8).

Sooo... Karate chop: "Even though my neck feels stiff, and aches when I try to turn my head, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.... This 4-stiffness in my neck. It aches when I want to move my head. This 4 stiffness. I can't really move my head...."

Down to a 2.

We did another round on "Even though I still have some stiffness in my neck, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.... This remaining stiffness in my neck. This remaining 2stiffness....." I asked her to check again. She answered very quietly and said: "It's gone. I'm at a zero.... But I have to tell you something else... The numbness in my hands is gone, too...."

I wasn't quite sure if she really was saying what I thought she was saying, and so I asked again: "What do you mean?" She replied: "Cacina, the numbness in my hands is gone. Completely. I can feel my hands. I can feel my fingers." And now Sabine literally took off. I knew she had put the phone on her speakers, but now I could hear her walk around: "I'm walking around here in my flat. And I feel a bit weak in my knees, but that's because this here blows my mind!! I'm touching things with my hands, with my fingers, and I can FEEL it. I can feel my fingers. I can grab things with my fingers. And my neck is free. And my arms don't hurt. This is so wonderful!!!" Sabine was in heaven. And the last thing we did before we ended this session was to set the time for a 2nd EFT phone session.

Our 2nd session was 15 days later:

Since our 1st session had turned out to be so successful Sabine granted me her generous permission to record and use our sessions. She wants everyone to know about EFT, and gladly contributes with her story. At the beginning of our 2nd phone session I checked on how Sabine had been doing.

"Twice I had pain and tingling in my underarms, and both times I did EFT on it: The 1st time I needed 2 rounds, the 2nd time took only 1 round. And then it was gone. I have no more pain in my underarms since. The stiffness in my neck is still gone. And I still have full sensation in my hands and fingers. I didn't cut my long fingernails, but now I keep them because I simply LOVE my long nails." (Just to remind you: We had not even tapped on the numbness in her hands and fingers. This symptom remained to still be gone without ever having been directly addressed.)

The weakness in her legs came ever so often, and it also was what was now bothering Sabine the most. But she had become even more aware of how this symptom is related to her emotions: "One day I had received a letter from social welfare. That always means bad news, and I immediately felt my knees go weak. But I saw the connection. I tapped instantly, and the weakness was gone."

Generally speaking she described her emotional condition to be strong and powerful, that she had her "old, powerful Self back". Sounds good, but she also said: "I'm very positive. I don't allow myself to think negative thoughts. Instead I tell myself that I'm gonna be fine, that I'm healthy. I even stopped smoking yesterday. I simply tell myself 'I'm free of Nicotine'..." As "positive" as this might sound, in my non-expert-opinion Sabine did what most of us have tried, too: To talk and think herself into a new reality, DESPITE of how she truly feels. This won't work, and I picked that up later.

For now I asked Sabine: "Ok, what's up today? Is there any other physical symptom you want to work on?" "No," she replied, "physically I'm totally fine..." And in a very "positive sounding way" she went on: "It's just that yesterday I was at the hospital again. They made a brain scan. And this brain scan shows that my MS is in a much further progressed state than the doctors originally estimated. My entire brain is affected by the MS. The specialist who showed me my brain scan told me that with the way my brain looks I should long since be sitting in a wheel chair or worse. She has no explanation for why I'm still walking around, because in her experience with such a brain condition I CAN'T walk anymore. That's not possible. That's not normal. And that's why she said that I MUST be getting worse. She has no explanation for why I'm not in a wheel chair yet, and considers me a medical miracle...."

I asked her, "How do you feel as you're telling me this?" "Not so well," she replied, "or rather, mixed: on the one hand side I feel so lucky for not sitting in a wheel chair yet. On the other hand I immediately feel the weakness in my legs...." -- "What is the weakness about?" She replied: "I'm so scared that maybe one morning I wake up, and I can't move my body anymore..."

And we tapped:

Karate chop: "Even though I'm so scared that maybe one morning I will wake up, and I can't move my body anymore, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. Even though I'm so afraid that one day I will wake up, and won't be able to move my legs anymore for the rest of my days, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, even with this extreme fear...." As she tapped and repeated the sentences, she started to cry and it began to show how extremely frightened and scared she truly was. But she stayed with me and kept tapping along.

I had not asked for any intensity levels before the 1st round, but now it was down to an 8. We did another round on "Even though I'm still so afraid.... This remaining fear... I'm still so afraid... No wonder I'm afraid... I'm still so afraid... This remaining fear...."

Without any stop I went on with an additional round.

"Even though I'm in such despair -- what if I can't do anything against becoming paralyzed! -- I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway. Even though I'm so desperate that maybe one day I will be paralyzed and there's nothing that will stop this from happening.... Even though I'm so desperate I love and accept myself. I give myself permission to feel so desperate. I allow myself to feel how desperate I really am. For once I give myself permission that it's really too much. I really need help. I'm so desperate. I can't handle this all alone." Sabine was crying and her deep desperation came out. My intuition gave me what to say to Sabine without having her repeat it. As I addressed her emotions all she did was to keep tapping in order to help her energy system flow, and with that to process the intense feelings that were released.

After 2 rounds in a row Sabine mentioned while still being in tears that the weakness in her legs was almost gone. As I pointed out how fast and willingly her body responds in releasing its symptoms, she began to cry tears of joy and gratitude. And she realized how her "positive thinking" really only added more pressure rather than helping her become any better.

I asked her to check her level of despair again. "It's not worth mentioning. Maybe a 2..." We did another, intuitive round: "Even though I still have some desperation left, and I'm still scared about the perspective that one day I could be paralyzed, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. Even though I'm still a bit desperate, I allow myself to feel what I truly feel.... This remaining desperation.... I allow myself to feel this remaining desperation. And while I just felt so desperate I also realized that my body truly is my friend. It doesn't wish me any harm. My body truly is my friend. And I realize in this very moment how willingly it responds to me. I don't have to fear my body anymore. My body truly is my friend. I can see that now. I really don't have to fear my body anymore. If I feel what I truly feel my body can release its symptoms. That happened just now. And if it could happen now it can happen again. My body is my friend. I can trust my body. I know that now." Sabine got all soft, and enjoyed this round immensely.

After this longer round Sabine shared that she had gotten insights about her relationship, too. So far her only way to receive love and affection was by always being strong, and powerful. But she was done with that. In her opinion she had spent enough power and strength for a lifetime! Now she was so very much longing for a relationship of giving and taking, for a partner who's also there for her (not only when she needs help!).

As she shared her true needs I asked her to check the weakness in her legs again. She noticed a remaining weakness at a level 2, and additionally noticed with some disbelief that she was reluctant to release the weakness all the way. (Psychological reversal on the rocks!!)

I asked her: "What would be the downside of having no more weakness in your legs? Of having no more MS symptoms whatsoever? What kind of 'excuses' would you have to let go of if you were all healthy and powerful again?" And then she had flashes of insights. Bang, bang, bang. "Wow, this goes all the way back to my childhood. I have always seen myself as a victim. I never knew myself any other way.... I would have to step out of victimhood. I wouldn't be able to play small anymore. I wouldn't be able to use all kinds of excuses anymore. This is really big...."

In talking about her life as a victim yet another issue became very apparent: currently Sabine has no money, and is living from social welfare (together with her 10 year old daughter). Sabine mentioned several times during our sessions that "they" (the authorities) are "trying to mob her", so they don't have to financially support her anymore. Fearing for her financial existence her current strategy was to prove (!) with the help of a newly found lawyer that she's invalid for lifetime (because of her progressed MS which is known to have no cure), and with that legitimate proof to never having to fear for her financial support ever again.

I pointed out to Sabine that – sooner or later – she will have to make a choice: In my opinion, this is a conflict she cannot pursue in both directions simultaneously. She cannot successfully apply EFT on her MS symptoms, WHILE at the same time needing the symptoms to stay (or even increase) in order to prove that she needs to be financially taken care for by the state. With lots of insights about this subject we ended our 2nd phone session.

In our 3rd and last phone conversation 1 week later we only talked. Once again I pointed out to Sabine how crucial it will be for her to keep tapping on her self-sabotage and her psychological reversal. She is aware of the fact that she's not all the way willing yet to really let go of her identity as a victim. A part of her still wants to keep the MS, in order to make sure that she won't be "sentenced" to be strong and powerful for the rest of her days. But changing this for good will take more time, and a lot more tapping.

2 weeks after our last phone talk Sabine gave me a last brief summary on her symptoms and what EFT did for her by answering the following questions. This is what she wrote:

1) Since when did you have the following?
- tingling pain in your underarms: 1 year
- stiff neck with pain: 3 years
- weakness in your legs: 1 year
- numbness in your hands and fingers: 23 years
(Note from Cacina: this knocked me off my feet!!! I had not known that it had been that long!).

2) Did you try to treat (any of) your symptoms before EFT, if so how?
No, I didn't try anything.

3) Do you have any remaining physical symptoms? If so, which:
Gentle tingling in my arms, and a light weakness in my legs.

4) How was your emotional condition before the EFT treatment?
The same as now. I don't notice any change in my emotional condition. Except that I had tremendous fear which I tapped away with you. And it's completely gone ever since.

"No change. Except for no more fear." :))

Once again, Gary, the change is so profound that she doesn't notice it even while she's writing about it.

Well, despite of how much I really tried to condense the gemstones and cognitive shifts of Sabine's story... -- this ended up being a much longer email than I intended to. But I truly hope that it will encourage many who read it to apply EFT on whatever their problem -- big or small, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. With EFT, the sky is the limit.


Cacina Spaeth


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